When Oscar gets to Candace's house, he continues to play dumb until Candace pressures him to admit that he took her money on Jim Cryer's behalf. Oscar eventually tells Candace that he captured her account information when he transferred the loan into her account, taking the money "like candy from a baby."

Candace lunges at Oscar with the knife she was holding behind her back, but Oscar blocks her and knocks her down. The two struggle on the ground after Oscar's counterattacks, but he loses the upper hand when Quincy surprises both of them by pulling him off her.

The violence escalates when Quincy then turns around and attacks Candace himself, eventually attempting to strangle her. Luckily for Candace, Jeffery arrives and pulls him off her, buying her enough time to reach for a weapon. While Quincy turns his fists on Jeffery, Candace stabs him in the back with a kitchen knife. Quincy knocks Candace over and tries to finish her off. In a moment of desperation, Jeffery picks up the knife and stabs Quincy multiple times. Finally, Quincy succumbs to his wounds and falls lifelessly to the floor.