Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and John Schneider

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Just before his press conference, Jim orders his mysterious underling to execute his bloodbath, just as Wyatt finally makes a deal with the district attorney. DA Jennifer Sallison agrees to give Wyatt and Jeffery immunity in exchange for testimony and access to the car from the hit-and-run incident.

During the conference, Jim shocks everyone when he announces his intention to continue his campaign for governor despite his his recent, highly publicized scandal.

"I am not a perfect man. I've made a lot of mistakes. But I'm a man who owns my mistakes," Jim declares in his speech.

David tells Maggie that this doesn't change his decision to run for the office himself, and they conspire to separate the ticket. However, as soon as the Cryers and Harringtons step offstage, the DA makes her move and arrests the two power couples for covering up Wyatt's crime.

"Your sons" the DA says, "I gave them immunity, and they gave me you four on a silver platter."

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