Eva Tamargo and John Schneider

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Jim shows up at Celine's house and tells her that he wants her and that he still loves her. However, after making love to Celine, he reveals that he did so solely out of his desire for revenge.

"I never loved you, Celine. Never! I don't love you now. I didn't love you then," Jim says gleefully.

Jim tears Celine down with callous disdain, unleashing insult after insult, and reminds her that he paid for her house.

"You are one of the lowest people I have ever met," Jim says.

Then, twisting the knife, he informs her that although he's arranging for child support for their son, he'll be using his judicial powers to ensure they receive the bare minimum.

"Now we're even," Jim whispers in her ear before turning to leave.

"Oh, no, we're not. We are not even!" Celine shouts in desperation as Jim walks out on her for the last time.

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