Allyah and Candace in waiting room

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Jeffery accompanies Candace to the hospital where her son, Quincy Jr., has been staying. Allyah, the social worker in charge of Candace's custody case, approaches her about having difficulty verifying her financial standing. Candace pulls up the account information on her phone, and, for the moment, Allyah is satisfied.

Looking around, Candace notices an abnormally large police presence at the hospital, and she asks Allyah what's going on. Allyah tells her that Quincy made a surprise appearance at the hospital and behaved threateningly.

"He's pretty scary," Allyah says to Candace, who is well aware of just how scary Quincy can be. Candace asks where Quincy is now, and finds out he was never apprehended by the police—meaning he could be anywhere.

The police are stationed to protect Quincy Jr., but Candace is worried about what Quincy is capable of on the loose, and she's beginning to feel like a vulnerable target. As she begins to panic, Candace tells Allyah she can't stay to visit her son, who has been asking for her, and leaves abruptly. Allyah and another social worker interpret Candace's behavior as a sign of neglect, and think the child would be much better off under Hanna's guardianship.