At the Cryer mansion, Veronica arrives at the behest of Katheryn, who wants to know what's really going on between her and Jim. While Katheryn gets ready, Hanna uses the opportunity to ask Veronica a few questions of her own. She wants to know whether Veronica bought the house and tow yard for her son, but Veronica only admits to sleeping with Benny.

"I'm going to tell you one more time. Stay away from my son," Hanna says, barely managing to keep her rage in check.

However, Veronica only antagonizes her further. She calls Hanna out to see whether she'll make good on her threats. Hanna fixes her with a steely stare before walking away.

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Back at the hospital, Quincy enters Quincy Jr.'s room and tells the social worker, Allyah, that he's Quincy's father and that he's come to pick him up. Allyah tells him he can't do that; Candace and Hanna are both seeking custody after Quincy Jr. was abused under his custody. When she tries to leave the room to get help, he grabs her by the throat and shoves her into a chair. Allyah finally manages to get around him and runs out to find hospital security.

"I'll be back for you, little man, all right?" he tells Quincy Jr. before slipping out.

Meanwhile, at the Cryer mansion, Hanna learns that her house is on fire after someone drove a car into it. She and Katheryn race to the scene, but the damage has already been done. Hanna's house is in ruins.