John Schneider and Eva Tamargo

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Jim turns up unannounced at Celine's home to confront her about publicly revealing their affair. Jim asks her why she thought he had been paying her $270,000 as a housekeeper if not to keep their affair secret.

An emotionally distraught Celine tells Jim she never wanted to out him on live television the way she did, but after he lost interest in her romantically and then subsequently fired her, Celine had to show her sons she wasn't just a doormat. After Jim berates her for being weak, Celine begs him to stay and make love to her, admitting that she still has strong feelings for him.

"It's not going to happen," Jim says, blaming Celine for everything that went wrong between the former lovers. "You did this, and you're trying to drag me into your mess," he tells her. And with that, he once again leaves her heartbroken and alone.