Gavin Houston

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After Wyatt stays over at Jeffery's hotel room to avoid his parents, Jeffery confronts Wyatt about his homophobia. Jeffery wants to know why Wyatt keeps bringing up his sexuality, and wonders whether it's because he's struggling with his own sexual identity. Wyatt accuses Jeffery of trying to seduce him, but Jeffery points out that Wyatt is the one who keeps reaching out to him. Jeffery asks why Wyatt leans on him if he thinks so little of him.

Wyatt says Jeffery is his friend, and he opens up to him about the sexual assault he endured in prison. Jeffery can't believe that Wyatt's father, Jim, would allow this to happen—but Wyatt can.

"He never cared about me," Wyatt says. "Jeffery, it was at that moment that I realized I have to care for myself."

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