Kristian Kordula and Gavin Houston

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At the Sarandon Hotel, Landon stops by Jeffery's room with a bottle of wine, hoping to rekindle their relationship. Jeffery tells him he's not interested, but Landon suspects that he's in love with Wyatt and can't move on until he resolves his lingering feelings.

Their passionate discussion is interrupted by Veronica's arrival. She demands to know why Jeffery hasn't been to see Melissa, the woman he's impregnated. After all the terrible ways Veronica has abused and manipulated him, Jeffery doesn't believe there's anything more his mother can do to hurt him. He feels invincible and kisses Landon in front of her to prove it. Veronica is rendered speechless and promptly turns to leave.

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After she's gone, Landon asks Jeffery once more whether he can come inside. Jeffery admits that Wyatt is in his room but that nothing happened between them. Landon believes Wyatt knows Jeffery is in love with him and is using him, but Jeffery refuses to accept this and move on.