Later that day, Veronica shows up at Benny's towing company in an attempt to seduce him again. Benny is resistant at first, but he soon gives in to her charms.

"Listen, I can't do this married thing," Benny says.

"It won't be for much longer," Veronica says.

After their steamy encounter, Veronica asks for a tour of the yard, where she hopes to gain access to the car from Wyatt's hit-and-run accident. Benny must refuse, telling her that he needs to get to the hospital to see his nephew and that she needs to leave.

Meanwhile, after learning that Veronica is at the tow yard, Maggie drives David there, where they see Veronica leaving Benny's office. Maggie admits that she's been having Veronica followed. David demands that she stop pursuing Veronica, and questions her about how much she knows.