Tika Sumpter and Jordan Preston Carter

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At the hospital, a tearful Candace rushes to her injured son's bedside, where Hanna and Benny explain that Quincy and Quita, Quincy's sister, have been abusing him.

When Candace asks the social worker when she can take her son home, she finds out that Hanna is seeking custody after making claims that Candace is unfit to take care of Quincy Jr.

"No. I'm his mother, and this is my son," says an enraged Candace.

Hanna pleads with Candace to consider what's best for the child. She believes that Quincy Jr. needs stability that Candace wouldn't be able to provide.

"I want to give that baby a chance at life," Hanna says. "He's been through enough."

While they await the decision from children's services, Candace exercises her current parental rights and demands that Hanna stay away from her son.

"If I have to wait all day and all night, that baby's coming home with me. You'll see," Hanna says. And with that, she storms out of the hospital room.

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