John Schneider and Peter Parros

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After their meeting with the district attorney, Veronica reveals that she knows Wyatt is in prison. David wants to know how his wife found out, and grows suspicious of her motives.

"That boy will learn," Veronica declares ominously.

"What the hell have you done now?" David says.

Veronica flashes David a sinister smirk before walking away. An unnerved David rushes into the mansion to warn Jim that Wyatt may be in danger. Jim was planning on having his son released from prison in the morning before his press conference, but David urges Jim to remove Wyatt immediately.

Jim is concerned by David's sense of urgency and demands to know what he's hiding from him.

"Jim, I've just got a feeling he is not as safe as you think he is," David says.

Having already failed to reach his contact at the prison, Jim rushes out the door to retrieve his son.

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