John Schneider, Ren??e Lawless, Peter Parros, Angela Robinson and Shari Headley

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At the Cryer mansion, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison plays Wyatt's taped confession for the Cryers and the Harringtons. On the tape, Wyatt confesses to hitting a girl with his car while driving under the influence. He goes on to admit that his parents and the Harringtons helped him hide the car and cover up the incident.

Jim attempts to convince the DA that Wyatt, who is known to have an addiction problem, gave a false confession under the influence of drugs. Despite the DA's attempt to fish for more information from them to strengthen her case, the two influential couples continue to stonewall her and maintain that it's all a misunderstanding. However, District Attorney Sallison is unconvinced by their posturing and firmly believes they're all guilty.

"I know he is telling the truth, and I'm coming after all of you," she says.

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