Jordan Preston Carter, Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Benny has just rescued Quincy Jr. from Quita's apartment and brings him home to Hanna's house. Upon seeing her long-lost grandson, Hanna is overwhelmed with emotion.

However, her happiness is short-lived. When Hanna reaches out to give Quincy a big hug, the little boy screams out in pain. Lifting up his shirt, Benny and Hanna are shocked to discover that Quincy has deep bruises and lacerations on his back.

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Renee Lawless and John Schneider

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn is seated by the pool, reading Amanda's diary. Candace was telling the truth, she tells Jim. Professor Cannon raped their daughter. But what they didn't know is that Amanda also stalked him and stabbed him in the back.

"It's all here in her handwriting," Katheryn says.

She gives the diary to Jim and makes it clear that she wants payback.

"I want that son of a bitch hung," she says.
Jordan Preston Carter and Crystal Fox

After discovering the bruises and lacerations on Quincy Jr.'s back, Benny and Hanna take him to the hospital. Along with an infection, the doctor finds that he has several fractured ribs. It's a clear case of abuse, and child welfare and police officers are called to the scene.

"We're going to have him treated and put in foster care," the child welfare officer tells Benny and Hanna. "Until a biological parent turns up, we can't release him to you."

Benny pleads with the officer and explains that he hasn't been able to get Quincy's mother, Candace, on the phone. Although she is sympathetic, the official repeats that she can only release the young boy to his legal guardian.
Gavin Houston and Antoinette Robertson

Across town, Jeffery attempts to enter his apartment but finds that the locks have been changed. As he fumbles with his keys, Melissa suddenly opens the door.

"What are you doing in my apartment?" Jeffery says.

"This is actually my apartment now," Melissa says.

She has moved in and, as a stunned Jeffery soon sees, has completely redecorated. In fact, the lease is now in Melissa's name. Of course, Veronica is behind it all—she's even started planning Jeffery and Melissa's wedding, making it public in a local newspaper.

"I know how she got me to do this, but why would you let her do this to you?" Melissa asks. "Why would you tolerate this?"

"Trust me, I'm not," Jeffery says.

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Aaron O'Connell

Katheryn and Jim decide to pay Wyatt a visit in prison to see whether he's learned his lesson. With tears streaming down his face, Wyatt begs his parents to come home. Coldly, Jim says he's not ready.

Back in the car, Katheryn worries that Wyatt is in danger, and tries to convince her husband to let their son come home. Once again, Jim assures her that Wyatt is completely safe and that everyone he encounters in prison is a friend of his.

But there's something Jim doesn't know: Wyatt is about to get a new cellmate.
John Schneider and Robert Pralgo

After leaving the prison, Jim and Katheryn drive to the law school that Amanda was attending before her death. There, they confront professor Cannon. "I have some questions for you," Jim tells the professor.

Professor Cannon gives the Cryers his condolences, but he insists that nothing inappropriate happened between him and their daughter. However, after some prodding by Jim, he eventually admits that they did have sex—but only because he thought Amanda was in the escorting business.

That's all Jim needs to hear. "You're a dead man!" he shouts while punching and kicking professor Cannon to the ground.

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