Medina Islam and Tyler Lepley

After crashing his truck in an attempt to kill Quincy, Benny pulls himself from the wreckage and drags his foe out onto the street.

While beating Quincy to a bloody pulp, Benny demands to know where the ex-con is hiding his nephew. When he refuses to say, Benny goes through the man's pockets and finds a photo of Quincy's sister, Quita Maxwell. Benny promises to pay her a visit.

While Quincy lies nearly lifeless on the street, Benny calls 911 and flees the scene—but not before slipping a little bag of crystal meth into Quincy's pocket.

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Philip Boyd and Tika Sumpter

Candace decides to take Oscar up on his offer to fly her to New York City, and meets him on his private plane. During the flight, Oscar brags about his wealth and offers to give Candace tips on how to earn "real" money. Candace immediately puts her guard up, but Oscar insists he just wants her company. That evening, he treats her to a romantic night out on the town.

"You'll see," Oscar says. "I'm a good guy, Candace."

Despite his best efforts, though, Candace still isn't sure she can trust Oscar.

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Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

At the Cryer mansion, Hanna finds Katheryn going through boxes of Amanda's belongings. Hanna is concerned that it's too soon, but Katheryn insists that she needs to find her deceased daughter's diary.

After finding the diary and reading through a few entries, Katheryn can no longer deny the painful truth: Professor Cannon raped Amanda.
Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

Maggie performs a PR miracle by getting a newspaper to print a story claiming that the fire at the Harrington house was caused by a kerosene lamp. At least for now, Veronica is off the hook.
Angela Robinson

Meanwhile, Veronica calls Benny and cooks up a story about him needing to sign some legal documents pertaining to his case. Reluctantly, Benny agrees to meet her at his tow yard later that evening.
Tyler Lepley and Danielle Deadwyler

After hanging up with Veronica, Benny stakes out Quita Maxwell's apartment building. He knows Quincy Jr. is inside, and he'll stop at nothing to get him back.

Benny kicks down the door and searches the apartment as Quita screams and jumps on his back to stop him. Pushing her aside, Benny finds his nephew in one of the bedrooms.

"You ain't taking him nowhere!" Quita screams at Benny.

"Shut up and move right now!" Benny demands as he carries Quincy Jr. out of the house.

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