Later that night, Benny sets his plan for revenge in motion. Quincy has hurt the two people Benny loves most: his mother and his sister. Now, Quincy is going to pay for it.

Using the $5,000 he borrowed from Candace, Benny drives to the jail and bails Quincy out. After demanding that Quincy get into his truck, Benny presses down on the gas pedal. As the truck accelerates faster and faster, Quincy just laughs and tells Benny he's not scared.

"I ain't going to scare you," Benny says. "I'm going to kill you."

The needle of the speedometer creeps over 90 miles per hour, and realization dawns on Quincy's face. The ex-con lunges for the wheel, and the two men struggle for control of the vehicle. It doesn't take long for the inevitable to happen: The truck jumps the curb and careens up a foliated embankment, twisting in midair before crashing back to earth and rolling back down to the road.

Watch part of this scene unfold