Crystal Fox

Hanna is still in shock over what she has just witnessed: her son, Benny, in bed with Veronica, a married woman.

After quickly closing the bedroom door, Hanna walks back out to the living room where David is waiting. Although he was standing only a few feet away, he saw nothing and has no idea his wife is inside the bedroom. Hanna fumbles to find her words, but she's saved by the bell when David's cell phone rings and interrupts them.
Tyler Lepley and Peter Parros

After putting his clothes on, Benny comes out of the bedroom and quickly makes up an excuse to explain why he has David's truck. He tells David the half-truth that Veronica had been drinking the night she sprung him from jail and that she had asked Benny to drive.

To Benny's relief, David accepts his story and takes the keys to the vehicle. But Benny may not be off the hook yet—when David gets inside his truck to drive away, he notices handprints all over the glass.
Tyler Lepley, Crystal Fox and Angela Robinson

Benny and Veronica may have pulled the wool over David's eyes, but Hanna is furious. After David drives away, she lets Benny and Veronica have it.

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After kicking Veronica out of her home, Hanna continues to lay into her son. "That's low-down and nasty," she tells him. "That woman is my age!"

Unable to reason with his mother, Benny storms out of the house and tells Hanna he'll come back once she's calmed down.
Gavin Houston, Antoinette Robertson and Tika Sumpter

On a mission to prove that Melissa is up to no good, Candace tells Jeffery to bring her to the Sarandon Hotel. When she arrives, Candace hands her a pregnancy test.

After shooting Candace a look, Melissa takes the test into the bathroom and closes the door. She eventually emerges and hands the stick to Candace.

"Well, according to this, Jeffery, you're going to be a daddy," Candace says.
Antoinette Robertson and Tika Sumpter

Melissa tells Jeffery that everything is going to be okay. She desperately needs his mother to pay for her father's medical bills, and having Jeffery's baby is part of Veronica's deal. "We can be together," she tells Jeffery. "Listen, I know you're gay. I won't say anything. I just need her to help my parents. Please."

Melissa may be fine with living a lie, but Jeffery isn't. "You're not having this kid," he tells her. "Melissa, I don't want to be a father. This wasn't my plan; you did this to me."

Hearing that Jeffery wants her to get an abortion, Melissa reaches her breaking point. "No, you did this to me," she snaps back. "And I am telling you this right now: If your mother backs out of this, I am going after you for child support and everything else."

"There she is," Candace says. "There's the witch I was looking for."

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Aaron O'Connell

Fed up with Wyatt's loose-cannon attitude, Jim makes good on his promise to take his son to prison. Thinking his father is just trying to scare him, Wyatt acts cocky and smiles at the camera during his mug shots.

It's all fun and games—until the officer tells him to strip. Wyatt flatly refuses.

"This is a full cavity search," the officer says. "You will do it."

Wyatt again refuses, and this time guards are called in to force the "unruly inmate" out of his clothes.

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Afterward, Jim takes Wyatt to meet Norman, the man who took the fall for him. Jim tells Norman to take off his prison uniform and switch clothes with Wyatt. To Wyatt's disbelief, his father is going to take Norman home and leave him in prison.

"Enjoy your stay, Wyatt," Jim says.