Fed up with Wyatt's loose-cannon attitude, Jim makes good on his promise to take his son to prison. Thinking his father is just trying to scare him, Wyatt acts cocky and smiles at the camera during his mug shots.

It's all fun and games—until the officer tells him to strip. Wyatt flatly refuses.

"This is a full cavity search," the officer says. "You will do it."

Wyatt again refuses, and this time guards are called in to force the "unruly inmate" out of his clothes.

Watch this scene unfold

Afterward, Jim takes Wyatt to meet Norman, the man who took the fall for him. Jim tells Norman to take off his prison uniform and switch clothes with Wyatt. To Wyatt's disbelief, his father is going to take Norman home and leave him in prison.

"Enjoy your stay, Wyatt," Jim says.