Antoinette Robertson and Tika Sumpter

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Melissa tells Jeffery that everything is going to be okay. She desperately needs his mother to pay for her father's medical bills, and having Jeffery's baby is part of Veronica's deal. "We can be together," she tells Jeffery. "Listen, I know you're gay. I won't say anything. I just need her to help my parents. Please."

Melissa may be fine with living a lie, but Jeffery isn't. "You're not having this kid," he tells her. "Melissa, I don't want to be a father. This wasn't my plan; you did this to me."

Hearing that Jeffery wants her to get an abortion, Melissa reaches her breaking point. "No, you did this to me," she snaps back. "And I am telling you this right now: If your mother backs out of this, I am going after you for child support and everything else."

"There she is," Candace says. "There's the witch I was looking for."

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