Renee Lawless and John Schneider

Amanda's funeral service has ended, and the last guest has left the Cryer mansion. Looking somber, Jim and Katheryn head back inside to deal with some unfinished business.

Candace is lying facedown in the study, still knocked out cold after Katheryn hit her over the head with a bottle of whiskey. To wake her up, Katheryn dumps a pot of water over her head. She wants answers about Amanda's life, and she wants them now.

"The last time she had a psychotic break was because of something traumatic, but we knew it and we caught it, and we helped her," Katheryn says. "This time we didn't know."

"What did you do?" Katheryn continues, her voice growing angry. "What happened, Candace?"

Watch as Candace tells the Cryers the painful secret that Amanda was hiding
Tyler Lepley and Angela Robinson

Across town, Veronica shows up at Benny's house, ready to go another round.

"Did you enjoy making love to me last night?" she asks him.

Benny admits that he did but says he doesn't feel right about having an affair with a married woman. His willpower doesn't last long, however, and he soon follows Veronica into his bedroom.
Philip Boyd and Tika Sumpter

Still woozy from her encounter with the Cryers, Candace returns to her room at the Sarandon Hotel and runs into Oscar in the hallway. Although Candace has made it clear to him that she isn't interested in anything more than sex, Oscar insists that he wants to know her on a deeper level. Finally, Candace relents.

"Let's cut the games and get to know each other," she says. "What do you want to know?"

When Oscar asks her what she does for a living, Candace says, "I was an escort to high-profile men in college."

Oscar thinks she's joking, but Candace is dead serious. Watch as she opens up and reveals the lifetime of trauma that has now made her incapable of love.
Aaron O'Connell and John Schneider

Back at the Cryer mansion, Jim is on the phone, attempting to find out whether Candace was telling the truth about Amanda. When he discovers that Amanda did in fact have a professor named Cannon, Jim and Katheryn are forced to accept that Candace wasn't lying: Amanda was raped by her law professor.

Katheryn takes her anger out on Jim and tells him he's not giving their children the tough love they need. "I told you that we should have her committed, and now I'm telling you that Wyatt is off the rails," she says.

Jim promises that he'll handle Wyatt—in fact, he already has a plan in motion.

"Then do it," Katheryn says.

"It's done," Jim says. He walks over to Wyatt's room and tells him to get up—Jim's going to take his son for a ride.
Medina Islam and Tika Sumpter

After getting some encouragement from Oscar, Candace decides to visit Quincy in prison to ask him about her son. Quincy says he'll take her right to him—if Candace bails him out of jail.

"You know it's not going to work like that," Candace says.

Once Quincy realizes Candace isn't going to help him, he immediately changes his tone and begins with the menacing threats.

"Your brother? He's dead," Quincy says. "You're dead—a slow death. And my son is going to watch me kill you," he says.
Peter Parros and Crystal Fox

Later that evening, David receives a tip from Maggie and shows up at Hanna's house only to find his truck parked outside. He is greeted by Hanna, who is just coming home and wonders why he's there.

"Why is my truck at your house?" David asks her.

Hanna explains that Veronica gave the car to her son, though she isn't sure why.

Confused as to why his wife would give Benny his truck, he goes inside the house with Hanna so they can talk to Benny together. She calls her son's name but receives no answer. Finally, Hanna opens Benny's bedroom door and is shocked by what she finds on the other side: David's wife is on top of her son, straddling him on his bed.

Watch this scene unfold