Antoinette Robertson, Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

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Jeffery and Landon are talking in the kitchen when Veronica walks in with the last person Jeffery wants to see: Melissa. He tells her to leave, but Melissa insists on staying. Annoyed, Jeffery escorts her outside just as Candace is walking up to the house.

"Why are you hanging around?" Candace shoots at Melissa.

"I'm pregnant," Melissa says.

Jeffery says this is just another of his mother's elaborate schemes, but Melissa tells him that she really is pregnant. The baby is his, she says.

Tearing up, Melissa explains that her father is dying of cancer. To pay for his medical treatments and hospital bills, her family borrowed half a million dollars from Jeffery's mother. Melissa's family now risks losing everything unless they do exactly what Veronica says—and what she wants is for Melissa and Jeffery to have a baby together and get married.

"She's going to make you be whatever she wants you to be," Melissa tells Jeffery.

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