Randy Oglesby and Allison McAtee

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After the funeral, Maggie is at the Cryer mansion when she receives a text from Bruce. She meets him outside and finds that he's been busy following Veronica. He hands Maggie a file filled with photos. The intimate pictures show Veronica and Benny together in David's truck.

Bruce informs Maggie that the young man in the photos has the truck at his house. In fact, Bruce says, he was driving it that morning. Maggie requests that Bruce keep tailing Veronica—and Benny.

Later, Maggie finds David and warns him to be careful around Veronica. David insists that he and his wife are just going through a rough patch. Although she has the perfect opportunity to show David the incriminating photos, she decides against it. Instead, she simply tells a confused David that he should ask Veronica where his truck is.