Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

On the eve of Amanda's funeral, David wakes up to a house filled with smoke and narrowly escapes the blaze. After searching through the house for Veronica, he finds her calmly sitting on the porch outside, smoking a cigarette. When David asks whether she set the fire, Veronica coyly responds, "That's not all I've done, darling."

Maggie, having heard about the fire, rushes over to the Harringtons' house. Veronica gives her a cold reception despite Maggie's adamant denial of ever sleeping with her husband, and David convinces his campaign adviser to leave just as the Cryers arrive on the scene.

Sensing tension, Katheryn pulls Veronica aside to comfort her, and David takes the opportunity to confide to Jim that he thinks the fire was Veronica's attempt to kill him for having an affair with Maggie. Adding to his distress, Jim reveals to David that Wyatt has confessed everything to the district attorney.

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Shari Headley

Later, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison shows up at the Harringtons' house. Isn't it strange, she asks Veronica, that a fire started in her home immediately after she was served a search warrant? Veronica denies destroying any evidence and demands that the DA leave immediately.
Tika Sumpter and Philip Boyd

At the Sarandon Hotel, Hanna bursts into Candace's room to find her with Oscar. She tells Candace that she's seen her missing son and that he's in danger, but Candace hardly reacts to the news.

After Hanna storms off, Candace tells Oscar that it's time for him to leave. Rather than walk out, he attempts to comfort her. Although she fights him at first, she eventually breaks down in his arms.
Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Benny returns home to Hanna's house and tells his mother that he found Quincy and that he's in jail—for now. Hanna makes him promise that he'll let the police handle it, but Benny won't easily forget that Quincy put his hands on his mother.

Later, Candace stops by to check on Benny and asks about her son. Candace's face lights up when Hanna confirms that she saw with her own eyes that Quincy Jr. is alive—but Candace's happiness quickly fades when Hanna says he's looking thin, like he's hasn't been eating.

Noticing that Candace is all dressed up, Hanna asks why she's all in black. Candace replies that Amanda was her friend and that she's going to her funeral. Hanna strictly forbids her from attending, but Candace simply shrugs her off.
Gavin Houston and Kristian Kordula

Back at the Sarandon Hotel, Jeffery and Landon wake up in bed together. Suddenly, Jeffery is acting cold and distant. While he denies it at first, Jeffery eventually admits that he's in love with someone else—but his crush is straight and not interested in him.

A knock on the door interrupts their conversation, and, after hastily donning some clothes, Jeffery lets Wyatt in. Jeffery introduces Wyatt to Landon, whom he tries to play off as just a friend, but Wyatt eventually puts two and two together and takes his leave. After the awkward encounter, Landon calls Jeffery out: He's in love with Wyatt, and it's not going to end well.

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Eva Tamargo, John Schneider and Aaron O'Connell

At the Cryer mansion, a distraught Celine shows up the morning of Amanda's funeral and begs to speak with Jim. Although Jim has nothing to say to her, Wyatt has plenty of choice words. After spitting some angry insults at Celine, he turns on Jim, accusing his father of not being there for his sister. Having said his piece, Wyatt turns and starts walking upstairs.

Upon hearing those words come out of his son's mouth, Jim is suddenly filled with rage. He lunges at Wyatt, pulling him down the stairs and punching him repeatedly in the face. Hanna rushes downstairs and pulls them apart, but the damage is done. "If you ever say anything like that to me again, so help me, I will kill you," Jim screams, standing over his fallen son.

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Hanna helps Wyatt to his feet and gives him ice for his face. Wyatt takes the opportunity to ask Hanna how her son is doing. "You know, right?" he says to Hanna. "What I did?"

"What have you done, Wyatt?" Hanna asks as the scene ends and fades to black.