At the Cryer mansion, a distraught Celine shows up the morning of Amanda's funeral and begs to speak with Jim. Although Jim has nothing to say to her, Wyatt has plenty of choice words. After spitting some angry insults at Celine, he turns on Jim, accusing his father of not being there for his sister. Having said his piece, Wyatt turns and starts walking upstairs.

Upon hearing those words come out of his son's mouth, Jim is suddenly filled with rage. He lunges at Wyatt, pulling him down the stairs and punching him repeatedly in the face. Hanna rushes downstairs and pulls them apart, but the damage is done. "If you ever say anything like that to me again, so help me, I will kill you," Jim screams, standing over his fallen son.

Watch part of this scene unfold

Hanna helps Wyatt to his feet and gives him ice for his face. Wyatt takes the opportunity to ask Hanna how her son is doing. "You know, right?" he says to Hanna. "What I did?"

"What have you done, Wyatt?" Hanna asks as the scene ends and fades to black.