Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

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Benny returns home to Hanna's house and tells his mother that he found Quincy and that he's in jail—for now. Hanna makes him promise that he'll let the police handle it, but Benny won't easily forget that Quincy put his hands on his mother.

Later, Candace stops by to check on Benny and asks about her son. Candace's face lights up when Hanna confirms that she saw with her own eyes that Quincy Jr. is alive—but Candace's happiness quickly fades when Hanna says he's looking thin, like he's hasn't been eating.

Noticing that Candace is all dressed up, Hanna asks why she's all in black. Candace replies that Amanda was her friend and that she's going to her funeral. Hanna strictly forbids her from attending, but Candace simply shrugs her off.