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At the Cryer mansion, Jim calls Wyatt downstairs for a little family chat. He invites his son to have a shot of liquor and get his feelings off his chest. Katheryn is concerned about the alcohol, but Jim explains that they've been going about dealing with their children's problems all wrong by sweeping them under the rug and holding things inside. Now, it's time to be honest, he says.

Jim tells his jaded son that he commends him for coming forward to the district attorney about his hit-and-run accident, but he informs Wyatt that his prison time will be much tougher than he thinks. Wyatt's cavalier attitude turns to fear as Jim describes the hardened criminals that have passed before his bench and how they'll be his new "friends" in prison. Meanwhile, Jim continues, he and Katheryn will retire from public life and stop caring about their family's problems.

"I am going to let the chips fall where they may," he says, "because, Wyatt Cryer, your father is tired."

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Hanna is on the phone making arrangements for Amanda's funeral when someone knocks on the door. It's Quincy, and he has Hanna's missing grandson, Quincy Jr. Hanna sobs as Quincy dangles the screaming child upside down, luring Hanna outside.

He hands Quincy Jr. over, letting Hanna hug her upset grandson, and then asks where Candace is. When Hanna says she doesn't know, Quincy wrests his son back from his distraught grandmother's arms. Hanna pulls at Quincy, begging him to give Quincy Jr. back, but gets a hard hit to the face for her trouble. Quincy drives off with his son, and Hanna is left wailing in the front yard.

Later, Benny comes home and discovers that Hanna has been roughed up. After some reluctance, Hanna tells him what happened with Quincy and that she called the police. To her dismay, Benny storms out of the house in a rage.

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Back at the Sarandon Hotel, Maggie and Landon are doing damage control. They call the owner, who happens to be a friend of David's, and ask him to dispose of the video of Veronica's outburst. When a weary, furious David says he's going home, Maggie advises him to wait and let his wife cool off, but he shrugs off her concern.

Candace comes down to the bar to meet Landon for a drink and comments on the disarray. Landon tells her it was Veronica's doing but asks her not to tell Jeffery, who is on his way down. Candace ignores Landon's plea and immediately tells her friend about his mother's outburst.

Suddenly, Melissa shows up at the bar. She's clearly upset and asks to speak with Jeffery privately. The two go upstairs, with Candace covertly following them. Once in the hotel room, Melissa comes on to Jeffery, stripping down to her lingerie and asking him to have sex with her. Jeffery is clearly put off by this and tells her to go home, distressing Melissa even more.

Candace bursts in from the adjoining door and demands an explanation from Melissa. Melissa asks her to leave them alone, but instead Candace lunges for the woman's purse and upends it on the bed. She finds several parking receipts from Mercy Hospital and a home ovulation test. Candace accuses Melissa of trying to tie Jeffery down by getting pregnant. Upset and humiliated, Melissa leaves.

Moments later, the hotel room's phone rings. It's Veronica—she knows Jeffery ran Melissa out of the room and demands to see him.
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Across town, Benny finds Warlock and his gang. He tells them what happened to Hanna and asks what info War has on Quincy. War says he's had his men tailing Quincy, and makes a quick phone call. It turns out that Quincy is at a local strip club, and Benny drives off again to find him.

When Jeffery arrives at his parents' home, he finds Veronica drunk and smoking on the sofa. She tells her son that he'll have to learn to love Melissa—because she's pregnant with his child. She says the two have been conspiring together to make it happen. Disgusted, Jeffery has finally had enough of his abusive mother.

"You are simple. And you are stupid. And you are pathetic," he seethes. "And I hate myself for loving you."

Jeffery leaves, and Veronica seems momentarily stunned by her son's defiance. However, none of his anger has sunk in.

"What are we going to name this baby?" she asks herself.

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Benny pulls up outside the strip club just in time to see Quincy walk out and get into his car. Benny slams on the gas and plows his car right into the driver's side of Quincy's sedan. Benny leaps from his own totaled car, drags Quincy through the window and starts punching him on the ground. Benny continues to rain blows down on Quincy's face as police sirens are heard growing louder.

Meanwhile, David arrives home to find Veronica still drunk. Despite her inebriated threats that he won't survive the night if he stays, David ignores her and goes up to bed.
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Back at the Sarandon, Jeffery has called Landon to his room. This time, he doesn't want to talk about his problems. He unceremoniously pushes Landon onto the bed and starts kissing him.

In the meantime, Benny has been arrested for his assault on Quincy. He calls his onetime lawyer Veronica, who agrees to come help. Once she springs Benny from the station, she gives him the keys to the car, saying she's been drinking and shouldn't drive. On the way home, she asks Benny to pull over and leans over to start kissing her client. Benny is reluctant at first, but he eventually gives in to Veronica's charms.
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Candace is back at the bar alone when Oscar comes up and offers her a drink. She isn't interested in a drink, but she does want him to come up to her hotel room. Oscar is surprised but readily accepts.

Later, things are getting heated in Candace's room when there's a knock at the door. It's Hanna; she's worried and looking for Benny. Hanna explains that Quincy came to the house and slapped her around, carefully omitting any mention of Quincy Jr. Candace says she doesn't know where either Benny or Quincy is.

Meanwhile, Benny drops Veronica off at home and says he'll return the car the next morning. Veronica says to keep it—it's a gift. Once inside, Veronica silently moves into the master bedroom, where David is sleeping. Using a gas can, she sprinkles gasoline around the room, lights a match for her cigarette and flicks the match on the floor. A blaze springs up as Veronica calmly steps outside.