Angela Robinson

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Candace is back at the bar alone when Oscar comes up and offers her a drink. She isn't interested in a drink, but she does want him to come up to her hotel room. Oscar is surprised but readily accepts.

Later, things are getting heated in Candace's room when there's a knock at the door. It's Hanna; she's worried and looking for Benny. Hanna explains that Quincy came to the house and slapped her around, carefully omitting any mention of Quincy Jr. Candace says she doesn't know where either Benny or Quincy is.

Meanwhile, Benny drops Veronica off at home and says he'll return the car the next morning. Veronica says to keep it—it's a gift. Once inside, Veronica silently moves into the master bedroom, where David is sleeping. Using a gas can, she sprinkles gasoline around the room, lights a match for her cigarette and flicks the match on the floor. A blaze springs up as Veronica calmly steps outside.