Tyler Lepley and Jon Chaffin

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Across town, Benny finds Warlock and his gang. He tells them what happened to Hanna and asks what info War has on Quincy. War says he's had his men tailing Quincy, and makes a quick phone call. It turns out that Quincy is at a local strip club, and Benny drives off again to find him.

When Jeffery arrives at his parents' home, he finds Veronica drunk and smoking on the sofa. She tells her son that he'll have to learn to love Melissa—because she's pregnant with his child. She says the two have been conspiring together to make it happen. Disgusted, Jeffery has finally had enough of his abusive mother.

"You are simple. And you are stupid. And you are pathetic," he seethes. "And I hate myself for loving you."

Jeffery leaves, and Veronica seems momentarily stunned by her son's defiance. However, none of his anger has sunk in.

"What are we going to name this baby?" she asks herself.

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