Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

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Back at the Sarandon Hotel, Maggie and Landon are doing damage control. They call the owner, who happens to be a friend of David's, and ask him to dispose of the video of Veronica's outburst. When a weary, furious David says he's going home, Maggie advises him to wait and let his wife cool off, but he shrugs off her concern.

Candace comes down to the bar to meet Landon for a drink and comments on the disarray. Landon tells her it was Veronica's doing but asks her not to tell Jeffery, who is on his way down. Candace ignores Landon's plea and immediately tells her friend about his mother's outburst.

Suddenly, Melissa shows up at the bar. She's clearly upset and asks to speak with Jeffery privately. The two go upstairs, with Candace covertly following them. Once in the hotel room, Melissa comes on to Jeffery, stripping down to her lingerie and asking him to have sex with her. Jeffery is clearly put off by this and tells her to go home, distressing Melissa even more.

Candace bursts in from the adjoining door and demands an explanation from Melissa. Melissa asks her to leave them alone, but instead Candace lunges for the woman's purse and upends it on the bed. She finds several parking receipts from Mercy Hospital and a home ovulation test. Candace accuses Melissa of trying to tie Jeffery down by getting pregnant. Upset and humiliated, Melissa leaves.

Moments later, the hotel room's phone rings. It's Veronica—she knows Jeffery ran Melissa out of the room and demands to see him.