John Schneider

Jim visits Amanda's newly cleaned room to find that Katheryn is already there, thinking. She tells Jim that their son is currently outside talking to the district attorney, and she guesses that he's finally admitting to his crimes. Oddly enough, the parents realize that they don't really care about Wyatt's rash action and the consequence it could have for all of them. They agree on something else, too: They don't want to be married anymore.

"What I want is to stay in this to make you suffer," Katheryn says. "But I realize it is just not worth it."

She points out that Jim has already taken his divorce settlement—$7.4 million he removed from their account. Jim won't explain the withdrawal, but Katheryn doesn't care. She tells him that's all he'll ever get, and Jim accepts her terms.

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The next day, Candace goes to see a luxury house for sale. The real estate agent mentions that there are actually two on the market from the same seller. A man lived in the more modern home Candace was viewing, and he had put his parents up in the older home. Candace says she's looking for a place for her brother as well, and asks to see both residences. Pleased with the properties, Candace has the thrilled agent put a bid on both.
Peter Parros

Acting on Candace's warning, David arrives at Jeffery's apartment to find it empty and in disarray. He calls Veronica and demands to know where Jeffery is, and she admits, truthfully, that she doesn't know. David is even more dismayed when he tells her about the blood on the floor and she seems not to care, saying it's probably someone else's.

"You mean Candace," David says. He tells her he knows that she found Candace at Jeffery's apartment. Candace told him the whole story, he says.

"Was she bloody when you saw her?" Veronica asks. She's clearly disappointed when David says no.

Veronica reasserts that she doesn't know where Jeffery is and says she'll call him. Instead, she calls Quincy and demands to know what happened to Jeffery. Quincy says he just hit him a few times, but he freely admits he'll kill Jeffery when he finds him because he lied about Candace. Veronica threatens to throw him back in prison, but Quincy says not before he racks up two more charges: one for killing Jeffery and one for raping her.
Renee Lawless

Back at the Cryer mansion, Wyatt enters the front room where Jim and Katheryn are having their coffee. He tells them with evident pleasure that he's confessed to the district attorney that he's responsible for the hit-and-run accidents, that Veronica has the car, and even about Jim's numerous affairs. To his consternation, he finds his parents don't care at all.
Gavin Houston

Meanwhile, Jeffery has admitted himself to the hospital, where he discovers he has two fractured ribs and some bruising but is otherwise fine. The doctor asks whether he can call his parents, but Jeffery says no.

Elsewhere, Benny and his friend Mitch are at the auction of the shuttered towing company and its trucks. Mitch doesn't have the money to bid, but he wants to watch anyway to see who the new competition in town will be. Benny finally convinces his friend to leave after he points out that the person making the large bids is on a cell phone—he's only a representative participating in the auction with the buyer on the other end of the line. They'll just have to wait and see who the owner of the tow truck fleet will be.
Angela Robinson and Shari Headley

Veronica answers the door at home to find that District Attorney Jennifer Sallison is there with a number of officers. She has a warrant to search her home for evidence of her son's missing car. Gamely, Veronica lets them in.

"Okay, David," she says to herself, unaware of Wyatt's confession, "you want to play this game? Let's do it."

David arrives back at the Sarandon to find Maggie and Landon working in the bar. He asks Landon whether he spoke with Jeffery, and Landon says no. David unsettles his staffers when he bolts upstairs to Candace's room.

David tells Candace that he can't find Jeffery and that Veronica doesn't know where he is either. Candace starts to tell David that Veronica is lying when something dawns on her. Shaken, she tells him to leave and asks whether Quincy is coming. When she sees that David is clearly confused, she pieces everything together.

"It must be your wife," she says breathlessly. She springs to the phone and tells the front desk that she needs to check out immediately.

Just then, there's a knock at the door. It's Jeffery, who is surprised to find his father there. Jeffery admits that Quincy is the one who beat him up and that he knows Veronica is behind it. In a rage, David storms out of the room. Still worried for her safety, Candace tells Jeffery that they need to leave. Jeffery says that won't be necessary because he didn't tell Quincy anything, even though the beating was awful. Moved, Candace thanks her distraught friend and pulls him in for a hug.

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Jerome Ro Brooks and Crystal Fox

Michael arrives at Hanna's house to talk. She says that she really likes him but that she can't see him in a romantic capacity. She explains that she can't control herself around him, having made a promise to be celibate until she remarries. Michael isn't discouraged—he says he'll continue to hang around until Hanna realizes he's the man for her.

Back at the Sarandon, David storms back into the bar just as Veronica arrives. First, she throws a drink in Maggie's face. Landon springs into action, holding a furious Maggie back and drawing her attention to the security cameras positioned around the bar. The two leave, and Veronica and David get down to business.

David asks whether Veronica had Quincy released and whether she sent him after Jeffery. In response, Veronica accuses her husband of calling the DA on her, and says the house was searched. David says he knew nothing about this but that he's glad they're looking for the car. He asks her again whether she set Quincy loose.

"Yes, I did," she finally explodes, "and I told him to beat him, beat his ass. Beat all that gayness that you're encouraging out of him, and if I was strong enough, I would have done it myself."

David is truly disgusted. "Now you have become this vindictive, simple bitch that I can't stand."

Veronica is taken aback by the hateful slur and dares David to say it again. He accepts the dare, calling his wife a "delusional, simple bitch." Veronica slaps him across the face and then proceeds to throw glasses from the tables at the bar. The other patrons run out as Veronica continues her rampage, screaming all the while. David stands dumbfounded as security guards file in and escort Veronica out.

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