Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

David is having breakfast at the Sarandon when Landon comes down with his suitcase and apologizes for his trick at the press conference. However, he says that David's silence is just as hurtful as Veronica's treatment of Jeffery. David tells Landon he's crossing the line, but Landon warns him that his son is deeply unhappy.

Maggie enters and sees Landon's suitcase. He says he's going back to Atlanta, but Maggie won't have it. She calls her assistant at the office and instructs her to cancel Landon's flight. Defeated, Landon leaves.

Maggie asks David for the information on Morris, Bennam and Braket, and he produces an envelope. Just then, Candace comes down for breakfast, and, seeing Maggie and David, she approaches them. She deduces that the envelope is for her, and David instructs her to call the number inside. Having concluded her business with them, Candace walks away and sits down at another table by herself

She isn't alone for long, though, as a handsome stranger comes up and asks to buy her breakfast. Not interested in romantic attention at the moment, Candace tells him she's a prostitute with a rate of $25,000 an hour and scares him off.
John Schneider and Aaron O'Connell

In the Cryers' kitchen, Hanna is finishing up a call with a cleaning service for Amanda's room when Celine walks in. Hanna is taken aback by Celine's presence, but Katheryn calls to her from the front room, so she decides to let her employer deal with the situation. Hanna goes in and informs Katheryn that a cleaning service is coming and that they'll store Amanda's possessions in the attic. Katheryn is relieved that the evidence of her daughter's violent death is being handled, but that quickly dissipates when Celine enters the room. When Celine won't leave, Katheryn screams for Jim, and Wyatt follows to watch the fun.

"You need to go. You need to leave. You are fired," Jim says firmly.

"Okay," Celine mutters shakily. "We'll see about that."
John Schneider and Crystal Fox

Benny and Mitch, another tow truck driver, are standing outside the closed towing company, admiring the soon-to-be-auctioned trucks. Mitch informs Benny that his plan to buy the trucks with some colleagues has fallen through. Their conversation is interrupted when Benny gets a call. It's Erica, the owner of the car he bought for Hanna. She left a notebook in the car and needs it back.

Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna is overseeing the cleaners in Amanda's room when Jim storms in, demanding to know what's happening. In a rage, he tells the cleaners to leave and rounds on Hanna, dressing her down for hiring them. Hanna tries to stay calm but finally explodes, calling Jim a demon. As she leaves the room, she hears Jim break down. Softening, she goes back in and comforts him as he sobs on the floor, uttering apologies to his children. Unknown to Jim, Wyatt has come to the door and hears his father's words.

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Tika Sumpter and Philip Boyd

Back at the Sarandon, Landon and Candace are enjoying more cocktails at the bar when the mysterious man from breakfast reappears—this time with $100,000 in cash for four hours of Candace's services. Landon leaves, and the man, whose name is Oscar, admits that he doesn't really think Candace is an escort. All the same, he's interested in her. The two flirt for a while, but in the end Candace tells Oscar she doesn't trust him. Oscar agrees to go, but he leaves his card. When Landon returns, he's used his publicist skills to pull up Oscar's information on his smartphone. It turns out that Oscar is a widower who owns a very lucrative investment firm.

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Quincy returns to Jeffery's apartment after failing to find Candace. He breaks down the door but finds the apartment empty. Using Jeffery's phone, Quincy calls Candace's number, which Landon playfully picks up at the bar. When Landon realizes the man on the other end of the phone isn't Jeffery, Quincy hangs up.

Concerned, Candace tries to call Jeffery back, but no one picks up. She runs up to David's room and implores him to go check on his son. She tells David that she thinks something happened to Jeffery—and that Veronica may be behind it.

"She found me at his apartment. She was pissed," Candace says.

David says that Veronica would never hurt Jeffery, but Candace sets him straight.

"You have no idea how crazy that woman is that you married!" she yells. "Just go check on your son!"
Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Hanna comes home from a long day to find that Benny has invited Tony over to explain what happened while he was in a coma. However, when Benny asks Tony why he took Hanna to court, he only restates an old line: He didn't think Benny would want to be stuck in a vegetative state.

"What was my batting average in high school?" Benny asks a confused Tony. When Tony can't answer, Benny asks Tony to name his favorite color. Again, Tony is stumped.

"Okay, how about an easy one," Benny says. "What's my birthday?"

Again, Tony doesn't know. Benny asks his father how he could know what his son wants if he doesn't even know those things. But Tony still won't crack, and Hanna refuses to burden her son with the truth, so Tony leaves his son with no answers.

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At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt meets District Attorney Sallison and Detective Mallory in the driveway. He tells them he's the one who hit Lizzie and Benny Young in the hit-and-run incidents.