Shari Headley, Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

The Cryers and Harringtons are still absorbing the police officer's announcement that Amanda was murdered. Veronica and David step in, saying that he's not qualified to make that call, and they begin dressing down the officer.

Just then, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison arrives, and David asks her whether they can speak privately. In another room, David and Veronica express their concerns that the DA's opinion of the Cryers will taint the investigation.

"As much as I would love to nail your friend's ass to the wall, I wouldn't come into his home when his child has died to frame him," she says. She goes on to say she can't confirm how Amanda died until she gets all the facts.

Meanwhile, at the Sarandon Hotel, Candace is living it up, sipping champagne in her bathrobe, when Warlock arrives. She pays him the money she promised, plus $50,000 more. Candace asks him what he knows about the Savannah towing business that's going under. War says he knows that the owner was busted by the feds, but he says he's not cut out for that kind of work.

Ignoring his negativity, Candace informs War that she's working on something involving the company and that she'll keep him posted.
Eva Tamargo and John Schneider

Benny arrives to tow a car for a client, a young woman named Erica. Upon inspection, though, the car appears to be perfectly fine. After some pressing from Benny, Erica admits that the car was a gift from her ex-boyfriend—who she just found out has a wife.

Benny asks to see proof of ownership and tries to convince her to keep the car or at least sell it. Erica asks how much money Benny has on him, and he replies that he has $500. Erica says she'll sell it to him; she just wants it gone. Warily, Benny accepts, but he leaves her his card in case she changes her mind over the next day.

Back at the Cryer mansion, the Harringtons and Cryers are gathered in the front room waiting for the investigation to conclude. Celine comes rushing in to Jim and tries to comfort him, but he only pushes her off. Veronica is confused by her behavior until Katheryn tells the whole room that she used to be his mistress.

"She thinks that when I say she's fired, he'll let her stay," Katheryn growls. "Not this time."
Renee Lawless and Eva Tamargo

Katheryn then turns her anger toward Jim, blaming him for not listening to her about Amanda's fragile mental state. David tries to stand up for Jim, saying that he's in pain, too, but Katheryn disagrees.

"He's a sociopath," she says quietly. "He doesn't feel pain."

Katheryn tells everyone that she was 15 when she met Jim. Even though she knew Savannah's golden boy was only interested in her for her family and wealth, Katheryn continues, she let herself be wooed anyway. At the time, she considered herself lucky, she says, but she's come to realize that the day they met was a curse.

"I hate you so much I will never let you go," she says to Jim.

Turning to Celine, Katheryn gives her one last chance to get out. Celine says no, and Katheryn leaps out of her chair, charging at Jim's former mistress and landing a vicious backhanded slap across her face. Grabbing Celine by the hair, she attempts to drag her out the front door until the police pull them apart. The officers then take Celine back outside.

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Shari Headley and actors playing crime scene investigators

In the kitchen, Wyatt's mood grows darker and darker with the help of the scotch. He tells Jeffery he'll turn himself in for his hit-and-run and take the whole family down with him. Jeffery reminds him that if he does that, he'll take Jeffery down too.

"I don't give a rat's ass about you or anybody in this house," Wyatt says.

Jennifer has finished her investigation and asks to speak with David, but Jim insists that everyone needs to hear the conclusion. The DA informs them that the medical examiner is going to rule the death a suicide; there had been some suspicious blood spatter but not enough to warrant a full murder investigation.

Jennifer pulls David aside and tells him that they're about to bring the body down. She recommends that he take everyone into the other room, but just as they begin to file out, the officers carry down the gurney. Furious, Jennifer rushes up the stairs and lays into the officers for not following orders, but it's too late—Jim and Katheryn demand to see their daughter.

As Jim unzips the body bag, Katheryn's knees give out, and Veronica and Hanna help her to the other room. Jim looks down for a moment.

"I love you, baby," he says, and he zips the bag closed.

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Kristian Kordula and Tika Sumpter

Candace is having another celebratory drink in the hotel bar when Landon comes in. He's drowning his sorrows after being fired by David, and Candace offers him a seat at her table. As he vents about his day, Candace learns that he works for the Cryer campaign.

"So how did it go over with Jim Cryer today?" she says, expecting to hear some story of humiliation after she set him free from his captivity with no way to get back other than the city bus.

Landon says he didn't show up because of the tragedy, but it actually turned out better for his campaign. "People love a sad story," he says.

Confused, Candace asks Landon what tragedy he's talking about. Landon is surprised Candace hasn't heard, and tells her that Jim's daughter committed suicide. He offers to pull the story up on his smartphone, turning to fish the device out of a pocket, but when he turns back around, Candace has disappeared.

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Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

Benny comes home with a surprise for Hanna: a new car! But Hanna isn't excited after the day she's had. She tells Benny about Amanda's death and reveals that she was the one who found the body. Benny hugs and comforts his mother and asks her whether there's anything she needs. She says she needs Benny to take her to Candace.

At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt opens another bottle of scotch, despite Jeffery's protests. He resumes his tirade about tearing down his family, unaware of Jim listening in from the corner.

"I'm going to tell the DA everything," he says. "I'm going to tell them about Jim and his whores, about your mother keeping the car—I'm sick of it."

Finally, Jim speaks up. "What the hell did you just say?"