Renee Lawless

Confused and angry, Wyatt follows Hanna to Amanda's room, where he sees his sister lying dead and bloody on the bed. Assuming his troubled sister has taken her own life, he asks, "What did you do?" over and over again.

Hanna manages to stumble downstairs, where she snatches the phone from an incensed Celine. However, when she sees the blood on Hanna's apron and hands, she races upstairs, letting out a scream in Amanda's room. Downstairs, Hanna calls 911.

At the campaign office, Maggie does her best to manage reporter Dianna Whinchil, who is growing more frustrated over Jim's absence. The situation doesn't improve when Katheryn arrives without her husband and informs everyone that wherever Jim is, he's left his phone at home.
John Schneider and actors playing Warlock's gang

In the pressroom, Landon is pulled aside by Barron, a reporter known for her work on gay rights issues. She wants to know why she's there, having been seemingly invited by the young staffer.

"Maggie's going to shut me down at every turn," she says. She also points out that Jim has an unfavorable track record on gay rights.

Landon says she'll get her chance to ask the hard questions, but with a knowing look, he suggests that she direct her inquiry at David Harrington's wife. Smiling, Barron accepts this and takes her seat.

In Warlock's basement, Jim is dressed and waiting to leave while Candace checks a laptop for the wire transfer. When it comes through, she hands him a card.

"What is that?" Jim asks.

"Rich people," Candace mutters. "It's a bus pass."

Jim argues that he can't get to the meeting on time that way, but his complaints fall on deaf ears. As Jim leaves, Candace calls down War and shares her good news…or at least part of it. She tells him she squeezed $400,000 out of Jim Cryer.

Outside, Jim emerges from Warlock's lair into the daylight—and a rough-looking neighborhood. Amid the unnerving stares from a group of young men congregated just outside the door, Jim makes his way uncertainly toward the bus stop and boards an approaching bus.

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Kristian Kordula and Angela Robinson

As the press grows more restless, Maggie suggests that David and his family begin taking questions to hold them off until Jim arrives. Landon preps David and Veronica, and gives them a signal to use if they're asked any uncomfortable questions. He tells David to adjust his top button and Veronica to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Across town, Benny pulls up to a fellow tow truck operator to say hello. His friend tells him business has been booming since the owner of a major tow company in the area got busted by the FBI for fraud. He goes on to say that the owner's assets are being put up for auction and that he and a few other independent towers are pooling their money to buy the fleet. He suggests Benny join them, but Benny says he needs to think about it, and drives off.

At the Sarandon Hotel, Candace has booked a room and is sitting among dozens of shopping bags and garments when Benny arrives. Benny is still angry about his sister's abrupt departure from Hanna's house while Quincy is on the prowl, and his frustration mounts to a fury when he sees all of Candace's merchandise, not to mention the attached price tags.

"I'm rich," Candace says, grinning. "We never have to worry about money ever again."
Gavin Houston, Antoinette Robertson, Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

Melissa and Jeffery arrive at the campaign office just in time to join David and Veronica before they take the stage. David is obviously irked by Melissa's presence and asks pointedly whether Landon will be standing next to Jeffery at the conference. Veronica bristles.

"David," she begins smoothly, "do you want me to act an ass in front of all these cameras? Because you know I will."

This time, David tries to call her bluff. "I dare you," he says.

Landon steps in and says it's more appropriate for Jeffery to stand with his date.

"The young homosexual is smart," Veronica says.

Landon accepts the barb with a sly smile.
Gavin Houston, Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

Landon introduces the Harrington family and Melissa onstage, and David begins taking questions. After a few softballs, Barron cuts in with a question for Mrs. Harrington. She asks for her thoughts on the gay rights movement, and Veronica responds with a nonanswer, saying everyone should be treated equally. Barron tries another tack, asking whether Veronica would support hospital visiting rights for gay couples if her son were with a gay man. Veronica tucks her hair, but Landon doesn't move.

"You know, whatever you people choose—" Veronica begins, only to be stopped short by Barron's interjection.

Offstage, Landon looks on in grim satisfaction. "There it is," he mutters to himself.

But when Barron requests that Veronica explain her remark, she recovers.

"You people, meaning anyone who is so focused on their own cause that they miss the big picture."

She goes on to brand her husband's campaign as a push for unity and universal equality, seemingly satisfying Barron and the press corps. Once she finishes, she glances offstage at Landon with a look of triumph.

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Antoinette Robertson, Gavin Houston and Kristian Kordula

Offstage, Veronica gloats over her win to Landon and then tells him he's fired. Landon points out that he doesn't work for her, so a furious David fires him instead, and the two walk off.

Landon turns to Jeffery. "You enjoyed it," he says.

"No, I did not," Jeffery says. In response, Landon grabs Jeffery and kisses him, to Melissa's shock.

"Did you enjoy that?" he says with a smile. Jeffery shakes himself free and storms off, Melissa trailing behind.

"He's gay, girl," Landon says, forcing her to pause. "He is gay."
Angela Robinson, Peter Parros, Allison McAtee and Renee Lawless

Dianna Whinchil has finally had enough, telling Maggie that she's going live in five minutes, with or without Jim Cryer. As Maggie really begins to panic, David calls Jim's phone again and finally gets through, but it's Wyatt who picks up. Wyatt is incomprehensible, and David hands the phone to Katheryn, who assumes he's drunk. While she tries to make sense of her son's words, Whinchil appears on the television in Maggie's office and explains to the audience that Jim was a no-show.

"Oh, no, she's going to bury him," Maggie says in defeat.

Before Whinchil continues, a producer steps in and whispers something inaudible to the newswoman. Meanwhile, phones begin ringing all over the office, including Katheryn's cell. Exasperated, Katheryn hands David's phone back and accepts her own with Hanna on the other end. Katheryn is relieved to get her trusty employee on the line, but the assurance slowly slides off her face, and she sinks unsteadily into a chair. While Veronica and David rush to their friend, Dianna Whinchil makes an announcement.

"We are saddened to report that Judge Jim Cryer could not be with us today because of the death of his daughter. Details are few; however, it looks as if it was an apparent suicide."

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