Crystal Fox and Jerome Ro Brooks

Michael and Hanna are still kissing on Hanna's bed when Benny, having heard something inside his mother's room, walks in. Disgusted, Benny charges back into the hallway, shutting the door behind him on a mortified Hanna.

Over at Jeffery's apartment, Candace is still trying to get the truth out of her friend about his mother, but Jeffery won't tell her what information Veronica has. Instead, Jeffery suggests that Candace would be better off at a hotel. He knows someone in hospitality and can help put her up.

"You've got to stop apologizing for who you are," Candace says, "because it's sad. And ridiculous. And the only way to get that bitch off your back is to break hers."

Jeffery hears her, but won't change his mind. Disappointed, Candace says she'll get her things.
Allison McAtee and Kristian Kordula

At the campaign office, Maggie and Landon are getting ready for the press conference at which Jim Cryer and David Harrington will officially announce their candidacy. Maggie greets a national reporter named Dianna Whinchil, who insists on getting in some questions with Jim about his son's addiction problems and the incident with little Lizzie. When Whinchil leaves to set up, Landon comments that she'll be tough. Maggie agrees but notes that Whinchil could bring major press attention to their gubernatorial run.

Among the other reporters, Maggie notices a woman who regularly covers gay rights issues, and asks Landon what she's doing there. Landon points out that it's a big issue in the state. Maggie says to keep the reporter away from the Harringtons and then asks Landon to call Jim, who still hasn't arrived.
Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Back at Hanna's house, Michael apologizes for the embarrassing situation, though he says he isn't sorry he made his feelings known to Hanna. Hanna says it's fine, and escorts him out while Benny is in the other room.

As soon as Michael is gone, Benny enters the kitchen and begins scolding Hanna. "Don't nobody want to see you doing that," he says. "And he better not bring his ass back here."

Hanna reminds him that she's a grown woman in her own house. Fed up with Benny's behavior, she tells him to leave.
Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn comes downstairs, calling for Jim. Celine informs her that he isn't home—and that Wyatt went to sleep with two bottles of scotch the night before. Furious, Katheryn storms upstairs to find Wyatt in bed. She commands him in no uncertain terms to get up and get ready for the press conference.

Meanwhile, Hanna arrives downstairs and has an uneasy exchange with Celine. Both women are still fuming over their last conversation. Hanna tells Celine to stay away from her and goes upstairs to speak with Katheryn.

Thrilled to have Hanna back, Katheryn hugs her and apologizes for missing the party. Katheryn then informs Hanna that the Cryers had a little party of their own, during which Jim was humiliated and outed as an adulterer by Quincy.

"He came up in here and took Jim's ass to the woodshed in front of all of us," Katheryn purrs in delight.

Hanna is less amused and tells Katheryn that Quincy is dangerous. Katheryn isn't fazed, however, and asks Hanna to wake Wyatt and Amanda while she finishes getting ready.
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Jeffery is also getting ready for the press conference when he receives an unexpected visitor at his apartment. Melissa is at the door and says that Veronica wanted them to arrive at the campaign office together. She then begins throwing herself at Jeffery, but he tells her that, despite their one-night stand, he's not interested in her that way.

Melissa is undeterred. "Jeffery, the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. You just have to do it again and again and again."

Jeffery is immediately struck by the familiarity of her words and demands to know how often Melissa has been speaking with Veronica. Taken aback, Melissa claims they haven't had much communication, but Jeffery doesn't buy it. Finally, a rattled Melissa changes the subject by saying they'll be late, and Jeffery warily follows her out of the apartment.

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Back at the Cryers' place, Wyatt is up but not dressed. Katheryn lays into him and tells him to get ready, but Wyatt refuses. He rails at his mother, saying he knows all about Candace and Celine, and tells Katheryn that Celine even has a son his age.

Katheryn is shaken by her son's vitriol and says she's going to let Jim handle the situation. When she calls her husband's cell phone, however, she's shocked to find it ringing in Wyatt's pocket. Exasperated, Katheryn leaves for the campaign office.

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Meanwhile, a calm and composed Veronica arrives for the big press conference. After lobbing a few thinly veiled threats at Maggie, Veronica discovers that Jim still hasn't shown up, and she offers to call Katheryn. En route, Katheryn tells Veronica she doesn't know where Jim is either.
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Still in Warlock's basement, Jim is ready to sign Candace's papers, and Candace is finally ready to let him. When he requests to have one hand free to sign, though, he grabs Candace by the throat.

"Oh, I'll kill us both!" Candace yelps, kicking on the generator. Zapped, Jim howls in pain and releases her. After Jim recovers and signs the papers, Candace makes him call his banker to approve the wire transfer, which will take just under an hour. Candace then tells her former lover that she has a nice suit and some hair products for him to use while they wait for the transfer to clear. She calls War down to release Jim and instructs the would-be governor to take a shower.

While Jim cleans up, Candace makes a proposition to War: She wants him to go straight. War isn't interested, but Candace won't back down.

"If I find a business, I want you to come in on it, okay?" she says. "Promise me." Reluctantly, War agrees.

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At the Cryer mansion, Hanna goes in to wake Amanda for the press conference. To her horror, as she pulls back the curtains she sees that the room is splattered in blood. Hanna calls Amanda's name weakly, but Amanda doesn't stir. Shaking, Hanna runs out into the hallway, calling for Wyatt.