John Schneider and Jon Chaffin

Still captive in the "War Room," Jim sits with a bag on his head, handcuffed to a chair. Eventually, Warlock turns on the lights and comes down into the basement for a little sparring session with the would-be governor. Jim tries to threaten the gang leader, but War only responds with his full name, his address and his arrest record, proving he's not afraid of Jim.

Jim tries another tactic, trying to bribe War with double Candace's price. He goes on to say that things like this don't happen to men like him in America without consequences.

"This ain't America. No, it's the hood," War says.

Tired of talking with Jim, War tells him to shut up and get ready for his close-up. Jim is confused.

"You're about to make a movie, fool!" War says.
Angela Robinson

Candace sneaks into Jeffery's dark apartment to get ready for her meeting with Jim, and finds that Jeffery is awake. He can't sleep thinking about the crazy evening at the Cryers' house. Candace asks what happened, and Jeffery tells her about Quincy showing up with Amanda and beating up Jim. Candace laughs at this but is less amused when Jeffery informs her that Quincy spilled the beans about her affair to everyone, Amanda included. Jeffery is worried, but Candace says Amanda will be fine.

Candace changes the subject and asks Jeffery about Landon and Melissa, but her roommate is in no mood to dive into another conversation about his sexuality. Candace continues to tease him playfully as she gets ready to leave, but Jeffery stops short.

"Candace," he says quietly. "Are you escorting again?"

Candace laughs. "No! That is so 2005." She tells him to go to sleep and finishes getting ready.

Meanwhile, at the Sarandon Hotel, Veronica is still waiting to get into David's room. She calls hotel services again and in no uncertain terms threatens the operator's job. The operator informs her that a wedding in the hotel got a little rowdy and sidetracked the security manager but that he's on his way.
Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

The party has died down over at Hanna's place, and her friend Lois is packing up a to-go plate. The women begin talking about Lois' grandchildren, which leads Lois to ask Hanna about her grandson. Hanna says she doesn't know how he's doing—she doesn't know where he is. Hanna asks Lois whether she has seen Quincy's mother, who lived in Lois' neighborhood. Lois is confused by the seeming shift in topic but says she hasn't seen her for years. Hanna asks her friend to let her know if she does, and Lois leaves for the night.

Benny comes in and tells Hanna that everyone has finally gone home except for the man in Hanna's room. Benny clearly doesn't like a man in his mother's bed, but Hanna firmly tells him to leave Michael alone and let him sleep off his buzz. Benny proceeds to check on Candace, but when he enters his bedroom and reaches out to rouse the form under the covers, he finds only a mound of pillows. Candace is gone. Much to Hanna's dismay, Benny insists on going out to find her.

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John Schneider, Tika Sumpter and actors playing BDSM enthusiasts

Candace finally arrives at War's basement and takes a seat opposite Jim, securely bound to his chair. He immediately begins issuing threats, but Candace isn't moved.

"You have really done it now," Jim says.

"No, you did," Candace says, "and payback's a Candace."

Candace has three papers for Jim to sign: an affidavit explaining that Jim was so madly in love with an unwilling Candace that she had to file a restraining order against him, the title to his car, and a wire transfer of funds from Jim to Candace. Jim refuses all three. Seeing that she'll need to use more persuasive methods, Candace takes off her trench coat to reveal black leather lingerie. She then walks over to a draped object and uncovers a camera on a tripod.

Jim turns away and tells her to stop. Unmoved, Candace grabs a riding crop and calls upstairs for someone named Carmen. A feminine figure descends with several brawny men in leather.

"I'll get the smoke machine ready, Candy," Carmen says cheerfully. "Just like old times."

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Angela Robinson and Peter Parros

Back at the Sarandon, a security manager, Bradley, finally arrives to meet Veronica. However, when she demands that he open the door, he asks to see her identification. Veronica balks at the request, saying she's a very good, frequent customer. When Bradley says he won't let her into the room because of hotel policy, Veronica pulls out her phone and calls the owner of the hotel at home and explains the situation. Moments later, a senior manager comes jogging up, apologizes and lets her in.

As Veronica enters David's room, she turns back to Bradley. "Good luck with that job search," she quips smugly.

Inside, she finds David's room empty except for his jacket, tie and phone on the bed. Slowly, she takes off her jacket and earrings, and sits tensely on a bench in the room.

Next door, David is putting his wedding ring back on. Maggie apologizes for the whole situation. She tells him she's lonely and asks for him to hold her "innocently" one more time. David refuses and returns to his room.

When he sees Veronica upon entering, he freezes and begins to explain, but she jumps up from the bench and lunges at the adjoining door. After a struggle, David manages to restrain his wife, and Veronica appears to calm down. However, it's only a ruse, and she slips by David into Maggie's room and begins landing blows on her shocked victim.

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