Aaron O'Connell

Wyatt wakes up in the middle of the night to a loud noise. Unsettled, he gets up and peeks into his mother's and sister's rooms to find they're still there. Making his way downstairs, he notices that the front door is ajar and that his father's phone is on the front stoop, but there's no sign of Jim.

He takes Jim's phone into the study, where he manages to guess the password, giving him access to all of Jim's past affairs. As Wyatt grows more and more agitated by his father's dalliances, he reaches for his father's decanter of scotch on the buffet, downing the entire thing over the course of the night as he skims through the phone's contents.
Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Across town, Hanna's party is in full swing. Michael is there, slightly drunk and not so subtly hitting on Hanna. Hanna deals with him good-naturedly and directs Michael toward the coffee pot inside. Benny, however, isn't so understanding and demands to know who the man is. Hanna laughs, telling Benny that Michael doesn't mean any harm.

As a car drives by, Hanna perks up, a signal Benny misinterprets. He says the party is safe from Quincy—he has men posted on each corner to keep a lookout. Dismayed by the potential for violence, Hanna tells Benny she was only looking for Katheryn Cryer, who said she'd attend. This time, Benny laughs.

"No white woman coming to this hood in the middle of the night," he says to a skeptical Hanna.

Alone in bed, Veronica calls David's cell. When he doesn't answer, she climbs out of bed and starts to get dressed.
Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Back at the party, Benny is trying to convince an uncomfortable Candace into staying the night. Candace says she'll stay with her friend Jeffery, pointing out how Hanna is constantly looking down the street for a sign of Quincy. Benny informs her that Hanna is only keeping an eye out for Katheryn Cryer. Candace echoes her brother's previous incredulity that Katheryn would come out to their neighborhood.

"She really thinks those people care about her," Candace muses. "They don't give a damn about nobody."

When Benny demands more of an explanation, Candace says she knew a guy who got on Judge Cryer's bad side. She then recounts her horrifying experience in Mama Rose's basement and the stunt the Malones pulled with the gun, covering up her true identity as the victim.

"What did he do?" Benny asks.

"He got even with his ass," Candace says, smiling.

Nevertheless, Benny defends Katheryn, telling a shocked Candace that Katheryn paid for his private healthcare.

John Schneider and Jon Chaffin

In an alley, Warlock's car pulls up, and men yank Jim out of the trunk and force him into a nearby cellar. War calls Candace to tell her the news and says he'll send someone to pick her up. Candace is delighted and asks that he put her on speakerphone with Jim. Undaunted by his situation, Jim continues to threaten Candace and War, but Candace is only amused.

"You have no idea the plans I have in store for us, do you, lover?" she says.

After Candace finishes her conversation with Jim, War hangs up and leaves the would-be governor alone in the dark.

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In her bedroom, Hanna checks her phone and finds a voice mail from Katheryn apologizing for not being able to come. As she comes out into the kitchen, she finds an inebriated Michael dancing alone. Hanna convinces him to sleep it off in her bed, an exchange Benny notices and doesn't like. Hanna brushes her son off and takes more food outside to her guests.

There, she finds Detective Byron Marshall walking up with a six-pack of beer and an apology. Hanna isn't having any of his excuses and tells him to leave.

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Angela Robinson and Medina Islam

As Veronica prepares to leave, she smells something strange and races downstairs. Quincy strolls out of the kitchen, casually eating some of her leftovers. Veronica tries to call the police, but Quincy pushes her against the banister and forcefully kisses her. When Veronica bites him in self-defense, he puts his hands around her throat.

"Diana, Maxwell, Kendra, David, Angela, Crystal," Veronica says. As she lists the names, Quincy starts to back away, his sneer replaced by a look of fear.

"That's your whole family," Veronica says quietly. "If you don't let me go, I will kill them all."

Slowly, Quincy leaves the house.

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Back at the party, Candace tries to make her exit, telling Benny that she's tired. Worried for her safety with Quincy on the hunt for her, Benny firmly tells her no and to go sleep in his bed instead. Candace obeys, but once inside, she slips out Benny's window.
Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

In Maggie's adjoining room at the Sarandon Hotel, David is working up the courage to make a move with Maggie. David takes off his wedding ring and goes to kiss Maggie, but just as things become heated, he stops. He tells Maggie that he loves Veronica too much. Maggie accepts this, and the two lie in bed holding each other but take it no further.

Outside the room, Veronica has arrived and is about to knock on David's door. Instead, she pulls out her phone and calls his cell, listening to it ring inside his empty room. She thinks for a moment, then crosses to the hotel's service phone and calls the front desk.

"This is Veronica Harrington. I seem to have locked my key in my room," she says. "Can you send someone up to let me in?"