Tika Sumpter and Crystal Fox

As the truth about Candace's son sinks in, Candace breaks down and begins to explain what happened. She tried to leave Quincy with her son, but Quincy told her that he wanted $50,000 in exchange for the boy's life. Candace came up with the money, but Quincy never handed the boy over. Instead, Quincy told Candace that he had taken their son fishing and had pushed him over a bridge, killing him. Candace turned Quincy in to the police for the murder of their child and of another man Candace knew he had killed, and she thought he had been in jail ever since.

Despite Candace's tearful story, Hanna still wants to kick her out, saying that she'll only lure the murderous Quincy to kill them all. Benny won't hear of it and demands that Candace stay with them where she'll be safe.

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Renee Lawless and Aaron O'Connell

At the Cryer mansion, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison is back with police officers and a new warrant to search the premises for Wyatt. They find him in the kitchen with Katheryn, whom Jim has instructed to have the television on, tuned in to Channel 17. As an officer prepares to read Wyatt his rights, a news report interrupts the football game on the television: A man named Norman Hewens has turned himself in for the hit-and-run death of little Lizzie—and he looks exactly like Wyatt. Defeated yet again, Sallison and the police leave.

Confused and concerned, Wyatt asks Jim who the man on the news report is. Jim simply tells him that Norman is the man who committed the crime and that Wyatt is innocent. Katheryn looks astonished at the lengths to which her husband will go to clear Wyatt, but she goes along with his story. Later while they're alone in the study, Katheryn makes her true opinion known.

"You are self-righteous, a sociopath and an all-around son of a bitch," she says, "but you love your children. You will do anything to protect them, even if it's to their own detriment. I hope you are ready for the million little pieces that they are both going to fall into. You have protected them right into insanity."

Gavin Houston

At the campaign office, Landon sends the new intern, Carlos, over to Judge Cryer's house to deliver some files. As he leaves, Jeffery comes in. Landon apologizes for the awkward incident at the hotel. Jeffery says it's okay but that the two probably won't be seeing much of each other anymore, and he goes in to talk with his father.

In David's office, Jeffery explains the truth of how he met Landon at a gay bar before he knew he was working for Maggie. David tries to convince Jeffery that he loves him for who he is and that he wants him to be free to live his life. Jeffery points out that there's a very big roadblock there: Veronica still holds the hit-and-run car, and Jeffery can't be free from her influence until David gets it back.

Jaclyn Betham

Back at the Cryer household, Dr. Listen has arrived and is speaking privately with Amanda on the patio, over tea. Amanda insists that she's fine; she says she just wants her family to leave her alone.

Having been told by Katheryn that Amanda had made comments about wanting to kill the family, Dr. Listen explores this further. "You know, sometimes people's parents die, and they regret that—"

"I don't want them to die," Amanda says, cutting him off. "That's insane."

Satisfied, Dr. Listen asks whether Amanda is taking her medication and sleeping well. Amanda says she's fine, other than wanting some time to herself.

"I'll talk to your parents," Dr. Listen says.

"Please," Amanda responds sincerely. As Dr. Listen turns to his tea, a devilish smile steals over Amanda's lips.

Renee Lawless

Upstairs, Katheryn has been going through Amanda's room in search of the gun. Before she can find it, Amanda enters and becomes furious. Katheryn makes up an excuse that she's checking to see whether Celine is doing her work, and leaves. Alone, Amanda pulls her handgun out from behind her bed and starts to softly sing, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe..."

Crystal Fox, Renee Lawless and John Schneider

Outside, Katheryn and Jim talk to Dr. Listen. The doctor says Amanda looks tired and is showing some agitation, for which he'll provide a new drug prescription, but otherwise, he says, she's fine.

As Dr. Listen leaves, Hanna walks up and dashes Jim's newly found sense of relief. Hanna has seen the news report on Norman Hewens and has come to apologize. Jim proceeds to read her the riot act, but Katheryn pushes him aside.

"Hanna, it is so good to see you," she says, tearing up.

Exasperated, Jim goes inside while the two women reconnect. Hanna shares the news that Benny is awake and that she's throwing him a surprise party that evening. Katheryn is overjoyed for her friend, but she has one request: She wants Hanna to take her old job back. Moved, Hanna accepts and invites Katheryn to Benny's party that night to meet her son.

"I'd like that very much," Katheryn says.

Inside, Jim venomously protests Hanna coming back to work, but Katheryn stands her ground, claiming that if Celine is allowed to stay, so is Hanna.

"If she continues to disrespect me in my home, no arrangement will matter," she says. "You think these whores are a problem for you? That's because you've never had an ex-wife."

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Adrian Bellani, Eva Tamargo and John Schneider

Outside, Carlos shows up to deliver the campaign files to Jim. Wyatt lets him in and points him to the study, where Jim is working. On his way in, Celine notices him from the kitchen and follows him into the study, gesturing wildly. Clearly trying to come up with some pretense for being in the room, she asks Jim what's going on.

Jim is in no mood for her games. "Just wonder somewhere else," he says. "Get out of my office."

Suddenly, the intern boils over. "Don't talk to my mother like that," he says.

Jim stands stunned while Celine begs Carlos to go, but the young man has come on a mission.

"I'm your son," he says defiantly. "I saw you on the news, defending your son. You talked about how much you loved your family and how much you love your son. I'm your son! I'm your son too! What about me?"

Celine tells her son to stand down again, but Carlos hasn't finished: "I've sat, and I've waited. And I've waited for you because she told me you were coming back."

"That was a long time ago," Celine says in a pleading tone. "Let it go. Please."

"Yeah," Carlos says. "And I'm still waiting."

With that, he leaves the house and a shell-shocked Jim.

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