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At the Cryer mansion, it comes to light that Amanda has left the house—without Celine saying a word. When Katheryn comes down on her for letting Amanda leave with a stranger, Celine fires back.

"I'm not the nanny here anymore," she says. "Your children are grown. I have a very young son at home that I need to take care of, so I don't think I have to take care of your grown children anymore."

Katheryn calls Jim at the campaign office, tells him what has happened and has Celine describe the stranger over the phone. When Jim asks whether she was forced into the car, Celine gets glib.

"She left happy. Like a little girl going to Woodstock."

Katheryn snatches back the phone and demands that Jim finally fire Celine for her continued disrespect. Jim says he's not dealing with their drama at the moment and tells Katheryn that he has a daughter to find.

Just as tensions between the maid and her employer approach the breaking point, Wyatt enters with news: Amanda is back. Confronted with the larger problem of her daughter, Katheryn coldly tells Celine that she'll deal with her later, and she rushes out with Wyatt to find Amanda.

Meanwhile, outside, Quincy is dropping Amanda off after their trip to the tattoo parlor. Before he leaves to continue his pursuit of Candace, though, Amanda invites her dangerous new friend to dinner that night with her family.

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John Schneider, Adrian Bellani and Kristian Kordula

At the campaign office, Landon is showing Carlos, a new intern, the ropes. When he introduces Carlos to Jim, he notices that Carlos is staring at his new boss. Landon mistakes Carlos' strange behavior as attraction, but Carlos denies it, saying that he's just impressed to be in the great man's presence.

Before Jim leaves for home to deal with Amanda, he has a conversation with David. Jim informs David of Hanna's plan to testify against Wyatt, and reveals to his running mate that Candace is still alive. When David asks about their child, Jim drops a bombshell: Candace was never pregnant.

"She played you," David says, smirking.

"Yes," Jim says with a chuckle. "She played me like a good hand of poker."

Jim switches the topic to David's ongoing struggle to convince Veronica to turn over the hit-and-run car. David assures him that she won't do anything with the vehicle. He admits they're having marital problems, but David says he is in the process of fixing them.

Antoinette Robertson, Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

Jeffery finally comes home to his apartment and finds Melissa there wearing his shirt—and not much more. When Jeffery dodges an attempted kiss and a request for another date, Melissa starts to suspect her new beau might be a player. More fuel is added to the fire when Candace knocks on the door and demands to know who she is.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were seeing someone," Melissa says, putting on her coat.

"I'm not," Jeffery says.

"Not a girl—" Candace says.

"—like her," Jeffery interjects.

Clearly uncomfortable, Melissa finally leaves.

Candace tries to talk to Jeffery about why a half-naked woman was in his apartment, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Candace moves on to the reason she came over: Amanda is talking about killing people and is seeing Quincy, Candace's dangerous ex. With Quincy on the hunt for her, Candace needs a place to stay. Jeffery doesn't hesitate to return the favor and says she can stay as long as she likes.

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Jaclyn Betham and John Schneider

When Jim arrives home, he finds to his relief that Amanda is already back. However, his worry soon returns when he talks to her about her visitor. Amanda informs him that she has a new boyfriend, Quincy, Candace's ex—and he's coming for dinner.

Jim tells Amanda that her therapist is on the way and that it's time they had a talk. Before he can discuss it further, though, a terrified Wyatt interrupts. He says there are police officers downstairs. Jim tells Wyatt to hide in his room and goes down to investigate.

Shari Headley

Downstairs, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison is waiting with a group of officers. She informs Jim that she's there to arrest Wyatt, and hands him a document. Jim isn't threatened; the document only gives an order to arrest Wyatt Cryer on sight with no provision to search the house. Thwarted and furious, Jennifer and the officers leave after promising to return for Wyatt.

"Jim," Katheryn says quietly, "is it wise to piss her off?"

"You forget it's also not wise to piss me off," Jim says.

Patrick Faucette, Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Benny walks into the kitchen to find Hanna cooking up a storm. When there's a knock at the door, he tells his confused mother not to be mad at him. On the other side is Tony, there at Benny's request to straighten out their troubled relationship.

Hanna is clearly not happy to see him, but Benny demands to know what happened between them. Tony admits that he had an affair with Hanna while he was engaged, a fact Hanna hadn't known at the time.

"So you were playin' her?" Benny says.

Tony confesses that, yes, he was young and stupid, but that he should have insisted on seeing Benny even after his relationship with Hanna turned sour. Hanna doesn't accept this defense, but she refuses to tell Benny about Tony's latest transgressions. Instead, she pointedly asks him how his health is. Tony is spared from having to elaborate on his basic statement of "kidney problems" when Benny gets a call from Candace, who is waiting outside.

While Benny goes to get her, Tony tries to make small talk with Hanna. Getting only a cold, hard stare for his trouble, Tony leaves without another word.

Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Once Candace comes in, Benny is itching to heal the wounds between his mother and sister. Instead, Hanna touches on a familiar, sour note.

"Where is your baby?" she asks Candace.

When Candace responds that he's with his father, Quincy, Hanna tells her she knows that's a lie because "the devil" told her himself: Quincy broke into Hanna's house and claimed to have no knowledge of his son's whereabouts, having been in prison.

Upon hearing that Quincy broke in, Benny becomes enraged and springs up to take care of his sister's ex. Candace blames Hanna for firing up Benny's anger, which only burns hotter when Hanna tells him that Quincy is hunting for Candace. The two women try to calm Benny down, but Hanna won't let the matter about her grandson drop, and she hollers at Candace to tell her where he is.

Finally, Candace snaps and screams, "He's dead!"

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