Allison McAtee, Kristian Kordula and Angela Robinson

Stunned in the hallway of the Sarandon Hotel, Veronica demands to know what Jeffery is doing there. Before he can speak, though, David cuts in and says that he asked Jeffery to meet him. Veronica clearly doesn't buy this line and commands Jeffery to meet her downstairs.

Outside the hotel, Maggie, Landon, Veronica and Jeffery are all waiting on the valet service. Veronica takes the opportunity to chew out Maggie and Landon. "I don't know who you think you are, both of you, rolling into this town, into my town, playing these grown-up games. But you had better, you both had better think twice," Veronica says.

With that, Landon and Maggie's car arrives, and the two leave for the office. When David finally comes down, a tug-of-war ensues over Jeffery. Veronica demands that he ride with her, while David tells him to drive with him to the office so they can talk.

"You don't have to be afraid of her," David says.

"Yes, I do," Jeffery says, and dejectedly he gets into Veronica's car.

Eva Tamargo and Aaron O'Connell

Detective Byron Marshall pulls up to the Cryer mansion and asks to see Jim. Celine goes to deliver the message to Jim, who is upstairs talking to Amanda about her treatment. After he leaves, Wyatt comes in asking about the man outside, but Celine says she doesn't know anything. Amanda butts in and asks Wyatt where he was.

"I was in jail, Amanda," Wyatt says shortly. Amanda replies that she knew that.

"Then why did you say you didn't?" Wyatt fires back.

"Stop talking to me!" Amanda explodes.

Celine is unsettled and comments to Wyatt that Amanda is getting worse, but Wyatt brushes it off as Amanda's typical behavior.

Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Benny and Hanna arrive home from the hospital. As Hanna predicted, Benny notices that someone has been cutting the lawn. Hanna explains that it was Michael, the man who lost his granddaughter in the same hit-and-run accident that landed Benny in the hospital. He needed a distraction, she says. Benny is skeptical.

"Ain't no man cutting no single woman's grass unless he wants a little piece of something," he says. Hanna laughs and replies that Michael is only going through a rough patch.

Hanna tells Benny to go in the house, but he says he would rather stay outside. Overjoyed to be home, Benny insists that the two stand in the grass for a few minutes and take in the day.

At the Cryer mansion, Jim receives Detective Byron Marshall on his front steps. Byron tells Jim that Hanna is going to testify against Wyatt and that the district attorney plans to arrest him again. Undeterred, Jim thanks Byron and says their business is done. He just has one final command: Break off contact with Hanna Young.

Byron is taken aback. He's grown fond of Hanna, which Jim clearly sees—and mocks. Just then, Hanna calls Byron's cell phone, and Jim orders him to put it on speakerphone. Hanna invites Byron to Benny's surprise homecoming party that night, but Byron declines and offers up the lie that he has a meeting. Suddenly, Celine opens the front door and calls for Mr. Cryer. Hearing her enemy's name, Hanna becomes suspicious and cuts the call short.

"Did she hear her?" Jim says angrily.

"I think so," Byron says, a look of worry crossing his face.

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Angela Robinson

As they drive, Veronica begins grilling Jeffery about his night. At first, he sticks with his father's story, but Jeffery eventually breaks down and explains that he went to visit Landon. Little by little, Veronica squeezes out of her son that he met Landon at a gay bar—with Candace Young.

Veronica switches the topic to Jeffery's date with Melissa. After even more prodding, Jeffery explodes, screaming that he slept with her. "I did it, and I hated it!" he says. "You happy now?"

"Actually, yes I am," Veronica says quietly. Jeffery looks away in disgust. Veronica asks how many other women Jeffery has been with. He confesses there weren't any others; he was a virgin.

Veronica says that she hated her first time too but that she did it again.

"Mom, that's not me—" Jeffery pleads.

"And that's what you will do, son," Veronica says, cutting him off. "You will do it again, and you will do it again, and again, and again and again until it becomes you."

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Tika Sumpter

At Candace and Amanda's empty apartment, Candace gets a call from Benny. Relieved to hear her brother's voice, Candace starts to cry, but Benny insists he's okay. Despite her reticence to see her mother, he convinces her to stop by Hanna's house that night.

After hanging up, Candace flips on her newly bought TV and sees on the news that Jim will likely officially announce his run for governor that night. Candace calls War; she wants to pull the trigger on her revenge plot that night as well.

Candace then gets another call; this time it's Amanda, who asks her friend where she's been. Candace doesn't explain much about her whereabouts, but Amanda doesn't press her. Instead, Amanda mentions that she met Quincy and that she knows Candace had a baby. Candace is taken aback but doesn't deny it. Amanda then goes on to tell her that Quincy was at the apartment and is looking for her.

"You should stay away from him," Candace says.


"He's dangerous."

"I know," Amanda replies lightly. "He told me all about the people he killed."

"Did he?"

"Yeah, and he showed me his tattoos of them. I want some."

"You want some what?" Candace asks, alarmed.

"Tattoos for murdering people," Amanda says sweetly.

Now very concerned, Candace warns Amanda again to steer clear of Quincy. Bored with the lecture, Amanda says that her father is calling her and hangs up. With that, Candace gathers up her few things and hurries from the apartment.

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Jaclyn Betham

Back at the Cryers, Amanda calls Quincy and tells him she knows where Candace is. She claims she'll give him the information if he busts her out of her house and takes her to get a tattoo. Confused, Quincy asks why. Amanda says she wants a "murder tattoo" like he has.

"You've got to kill somebody for that," he says.

"I know," Amanda says. "I already have the names." When Quincy asks who they are, Amanda replies that she's targeting her family.

"You're crazy, right?" Quincy asks incredulously.

"Don't call me crazy," Amanda snaps.

Seeing no other way to find Candace, Quincy agrees and says he'll find a car to pick her up in.

John Schneider, Bryce Draper and Sandy Martin

At Rose's hideout, Jim comes in to get Norman, aka Bolo. He tells the terrified man his time has come: He has to turn himself in.

Back at the Cryers, Amanda is looking anxiously out the window. When Celine notices her behavior and asks what she's doing, Amanda flares up at her and marches out of the room. Outside, Quincy pulls up, and Amanda bolts out, yelling at him to drive. Celine darts after her, but she's too late to catch the car as it speeds away.