Renee Lawless

Still in the woods with a bag on her head and her hands tied, a sobbing Candace realizes she's alone. Crying hysterically, she pulls off the hood and ropes from her hands and wanders off into the darkness.

Jim arrives home with Amanda, who immediately races upstairs. Katheryn asks if Jim found the gun, but Jim insists that Jeffery was mistaken; according to Amanda, the gun was a toy. Katheryn is still concerned, but Jim changes the subject to Wyatt and asks where he is. Katheryn says he's asleep.

"Are you sure this time?" Jim asks condescendingly.

"Go to hell," Katheryn sneers.

Antoinette Robertson and Gavin Houston

Outside Jeffery's apartment, Jeffery tries to instruct a cab driver to take his date Melissa home. However, an overzealous Melissa jumps out of he cab and demands to see his apartment. Once upstairs, Melissa throws herself at Jeffery, who protests saying they're being irresponsible. Melissa starts trying every trick in the book to get Jeffery into bed. Reluctantly, he eventually gives in.

Without a key, phone or wallet, Candace has to buzz her landlord to be let into her apartment. The man comes downstairs saying that if Candace wanted to move out, she should have told him. Candace doesn't understand, so the man takes her upstairs to her empty apartment. Not only are Amanda and her things gone, all of Candace's possessions are missing as well.

Medina Islam, Jon Chaffin and gangsters

On a dark corner, Quincy walks up to a group of men who draw their guns as he approaches. The leader of the group, Warlock, aka War, knows Quincy and isn't happy to see him. Quincy assures them that he's not there for a fight, he's just looking for Candace. War and his group stay tight-lipped, pointing out that if Candace wanted to see Quincy, she would have done so. War goes on to say that Candace got out of the hard life, is in law school and has some judge that's running for governor taking care of her.

Across town, Jeffery lies awake in bed while Melissa sleeps next to him. Clearly unsettled, he gets up and calls Landon. Sensing the strain in Jeffery's tone, Landon offers to meet him somewhere to talk. They agree to meet at Landon's hotel, the Sarandon.

Jaclyn Betham and Aaron O'Connell

At the Cryer mansion, Amanda is dancing alone in her room—with her gun. Quietly, she sneaks out to the hallway and into her brother's room, where Wyatt is asleep. She points her gun at her brother and in a childlike voice mutters, "Eeny." She then pads down to Katheryn's room, where she points the Glock at her sleeping mother and says, "Meeny." Back out in the hallway, she puts the gun to her own head.

"Miny," she says.

Suddenly, Jim comes up the stairs and asks her what she's doing up in the middle of the night. The gun hidden behind her back, Amanda explains sweetly that she needed some water. Jim is visibly unsettled by Amanda's strange tone, but decides to say nothing and the two go to bed.

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Kristian Kordula

In the bar at the Sarandon, Jeffery is explaining to Landon that he slept with a woman that night. He says it was fine, but he only really enjoyed it for the few seconds when he could pretend Melissa was a man. He goes on to say that they didn't use protection. Landon is disappointed in his friend gives him some stern advice.

"No matter how many women you sleep with, you will be who you are," he says. "Whatever you do, please don't become one of these guys that is sleeping with every woman that will let him so that he doesn't have to face the fact that he's gay."

Hopeless, Jeffery says he still can't stand up to his mother. Landon doesn't understand why, but lets the matter drop and tells Jeffery to go home. Jeffery says he doesn't want to; he left Melissa there and can't face her. Landon asks if he'd like to stay in his hotel room.

"Yes," Jeffery replies. "But I don't want to have sex."

"Are you kidding me?" Landon asks. "You just slept with some girl unprotected and you think I would have sex with you? No thanks."

Crystal Fox, actor playing detective and actress playing Jennifer Sallison

At the hospital the doctors are getting ready to discharge an anxious Benny. Hanna is thrilled to have her son going home, but her joy is squashed when she meets a hospital clerk with her bill. Confused, Hanna says she assumed the treatment was paid for and asks how much it is. The woman rattles off the charge, $126,636.41. Hanna is floored, saying she doesn't have that kind of money. In the nick of time, Dr. Bailor walks in and explains to the clerk that Katheryn Cryer has paid the bill. Dr. Bailor turns back to Hanna and tells her the district attorney and a detective are there to see her.

Jennifer Sallison and the interrogation detective walk in to talk about Wyatt. Jennifer asks if Hanna is willing to testify against him in court. Hesitantly, Hanna agrees, but requests to talk to Detective Byron Marshall first. Jennifer and the detective are confused.

"He's one of the detectives working on this case," Hanna explains.

The detective present says that's not possible, his team is the only group working on the hit-and-run and he's never heard of Byron Marshall.

Tika Sumpter and Jon Chaffin

In a rougher part of town, Candace gets out of a cab and goes to meet War, asking her old friend for money. War says no problem, then asks Candace if Quincy found her. Shocked, Candace says she didn't know Quincy was out of jail.

"You watch him," War warns her. "He got that mad look in his eye."

Candace says she'll handle Quincy, but she has another matter she needs help with—she wants War's crew to pick up Jim Cryer.

"The judge?" War asks, and bursts out laughing. Candace says she's serious.

War says no. "That would bring a lot of heat to my operation," he explains, but he finally agrees when Candace says she'll get him $100,000 for his trouble.

Before she leaves, Candace asks if there was a funeral for her brother.

"Your brother's getting out of the hospital today," War tells a flabbergasted Candace. "Your mom's throwing a surprise party for him tonight."

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Kristian Kordula, Gavin Houston, Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

At the Sarandon Hotel, a sheepish and now sober Maggie knocks on David's door and comes in to apologize. She says she mistook David for someone like Jim; a womanizer with an ego the size of Brazil. David forgives her and explains that he loves his wife. With that they leave to go to the office, but find Veronica in the hallway just about to knock on David's door to make amends. Stunned and furious, Veronica is ready to let David have it when the door across the hallway opens—with Landon and Jeffery leaving together.

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