Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

David is walking an inebriated Maggie to her room at the hotel while she continues to try her luck at getting him into bed. Finally, she seems to relent and asks David why he's alone at a hotel without Veronica. David doesn't say, but Maggie guesses that Veronica is at fault.

"You always conform to make her happy," Maggie says.

David defends his wife, brushes Maggie's advances aside and goes to his hotel room alone. There, he calls Veronica, who is getting ready for bed. He asks to come home, but only if she'll tell him where she's hidden the black sedan.

"I can't tell you that," Veronica says sadly.

Jaclyn Betham and Medina Islam

Amanda and Quincy are finishing up dinner, when the conversation turns to his past. Quincy tells Amanda that he's been in prison for murder for the last several years. Instead of recoiling at this admission, Amanda tells him that she wants to kill people: her mother, father and brother.

"I bought a gun and everything," Amanda says quietly. "Do you want to see it?"

Amanda brings out her Glock, and Quincy asks whether she knows how to use it. When she says no, he offers to show her.

"Please," Amanda says coquettishly and turns so Quincy can guide her arms from behind. As he shows her the proper way to hold the handgun, he starts to kiss her neck, startling her. Suddenly afraid, Amanda turns to point the gun at Quincy and orders him to leave.

"I'll leave," Quincy says calmly, "but if Candy shows, call me. And if she doesn't show and you want to hang, call me, and I'll really show you what to do with a loaded gun."

Jerome Ro Brooks and Crystal Fox

Wyatt finally returns home to the Cryer mansion and confesses where he's gone to his angry but relieved parents. Jim tells his son that he needs to find a way to deal with his grief without exposing himself, or Jim, to further legal trouble. Wyatt says he just wants to get away from Savannah, and when asked where he would want to go, he suggests a family trip to the mountains. Jim agrees but says that he needs a few days to get things ready and that they will pick up Amanda to join them.

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Remembering Jeffery's warning about Amanda's behavior, Katheryn is instantly concerned. She tries once again to convince Jim to commit their daughter to a treatment center, but he won't hear of it.

Over at Hanna's house, Detective Byron Marshall is taking down a report of Michael's sighting of Wyatt Cryer. He tells Hanna and Michael that he'll deliver the testimony to the district attorney, and says good night. Outside, Michael thanks Hanna and gives her a lingering hug...followed by an attempted kiss.

"What are you doing, Michael?" Hanna says in a scolding tone.

Michael tells Hanna that she's a beautiful woman and that he's dealing with a lot at the moment. Hanna says she understands, but she leaves no encouragement for Michael. Embarrassed, he apologizes and leaves.

Angela Robinson and Medina Islam

Veronica is asleep in bed when an unknown man comes in, undresses and climbs in with her. The man begins to kiss Veronica's neck, who wakes and thinks David has come home. When she turns, however, she's horrified to find that Quincy has broken in to her house. Veronica instructs him to leave, but Quincy won't back down, telling her that she wanted him from the first moment she saw him.

Veronica isn't amused. "Whatever you think you came in here to do, it'll be the last thing you do—to anyone," she says.

Quincy says that he can't find Candace. Veronica, now furious, tells him to get out and find Candace himself, and with that, she gets back into bed.

"If you come back here, they will be rolling you out of here in a body bag," Veronica says.

Cowed, Quincy dresses and leaves. Once he's gone, Veronica leaps out of bed and rushes down to the front door to set the security alarm.

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Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

At the hospital, Benny is flirting with his nurse and old classmate, Darlene. Darlene manages to fend off his requests for her phone number by teasing him about his promiscuous days in high school, but she eventually gives in and writes down her number.

As she leaves to finish her rounds, Hanna and Dr. Bailor come in to check on Benny. Dr. Bailor says he needs to administer one more test before Benny is released, and leaves mother and son alone.

"Did you call Candace?" Benny says.

Hanna says Candace didn't pick up, but Benny doesn't believe her and makes Hanna place another call. As before, Candace's phone goes straight to a full voice mailbox. Seeing that there's nothing he can do, Benny changes the conversation to how he discovered just before his accident that Tony is his father.

"It's a little messed up that I found out like that," Benny says sarcastically.

Hanna apologizes. Benny says he's going to try to call Tony to talk. Hanna is clearly upset but says she won't stand in his way.

Elsewhere in Savannah, Jim walks up to a nervous-looking young man, the convict Bolo. Bolo begs Jim to call off the Malones. Jim promises that he will if Bolo turns himself in for all his outstanding warrants—and one other charge. In eight months, Jim says, he'll get Bolo released. Backed into a corner, Bolo agrees and leaves with Jim.

Antoinette Robertson and Gavin Houston

Jeffery is waiting at a restaurant table when a young woman walks up. It's Melissa, the date Veronica hand-picked for her son. The two order drinks, and Melissa talks about how she admires Jeffery's mother. She then begins burning through topics like her past as a sorority girl, what she would name her future kids, her drinking habits, her cute little dog and more, all in rapid-fire succession. Seeing that it will be a long evening, Jeffery pulls the waiter aside and says he would like to make his drink a double.

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At Amanda's apartment, she goes to answer the door and finds her father on the other side. Jim has come to take her home—no excuses, no exceptions. Furious, Amanda refuses.

Jim changes tack. "Where's the gun?" he says. He explains that Jeffery told them about her new purchase.

Shocked at being found out, Amanda lies that it's only a toy gun. Jim isn't convinced, but he drops the matter and tells her that they're leaving and that he's going to get her some help. Amanda is suddenly terrified, suspecting that Jim is really sending her to a mental health center.

"You're not going to lock me away?" she says, tearing up.

Jim promises he'll never do that again. In a defeated tone, Amanda says she needs to get her purse, and disappears into her bedroom. Moments later, she re-emerges and the two leave.

John Emil D'Angelo, thug, Tika Sumpter and Sandy Martin

In a deserted, wooded area, Rose and the Malones drag a sobbing Candace out of a car. Candace begs to be let go, but Rose and two thugs force her to her knees. One man puts a cloth bag over her head while the other points a gun at the base of her skull and pulls the trigger.