Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

At the hospital, Benny is groggy and complaining of a headache, but he's awake. As Dr. Bailor comes in to examine him, a slack-jawed Tony silently turns and leaves. Dr. Bailor is thrilled with Benny's breakthrough, though one thing he says leaves the doctor confused: He keeps asking for the "pretty girl" in purple who sang to him. After some thought, Hanna understands. Benny is asking for his nurse and old classmate, Darlene, who has been taking such good care of him. Benny also asks after Candace and tells a reluctant Hanna to call her.

At the Cryer mansion, Jim finds Wyatt alone by the pool in the early morning. Sensing Wyatt's vulnerability, Jim says that he'll be back from work for lunch and that they can talk then. As Jim leaves, Katheryn comes out to check on her son. Wyatt admits that he's ridden with guilt, and all Katheryn can do is promise that things will get better.

"I don't know about that," he says.

John Schneider and man playing Amanda's neighbor

After hearing a loaded comment from Celine about not paying enough attention to Amanda, Jim decides to stop in and check on her. However, a man sweeping outside her apartment says she left early that morning. Jim says he'll go and check on her at school, but the man tells a surprised and angry Jim that he heard Amanda had dropped out.

At the campaign office, Landon brings in bagels and offers a cup of coffee to David. David thanks him and then asks him a personal question: How is his life as a gay man? Landon points out that they both have dealt with discrimination as black men, but he also assures David that he likes the life he has. Both drop the subject, and Landon leaves when Jim arrives.

Jim asks David about Veronica and the hidden black sedan. David admits that she has it and won't give it up, but, he explains, he moved out to try to force her hand. Jim isn't satisfied, but he cuts the conversation short when he gets a call from Rose. She's found Bolo, the convict Jim asked her to track down, and will deliver him the following day. She also tells Jim that Candace is growing more frightened by the day.

"Keep her that way," Jim responds.

Man playing Dr. Bailor, Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

Benny is up and about at the hospital, slowly walking down the hallway with the support of Dr. Bailor and an overjoyed Hanna. After a slow shuffle to a waiting room, Dr. Bailor asks Benny to try walking on his own. Though still a bit shaky, Benny ably handles the challenge and asks when he can go home. Dr. Bailor tells him that they need to run a few more tests but that he expects to release Benny soon.

Medina Islam and Jaclyn Betham

Quincy is waiting outside Candace's apartment when Amanda arrives home. Amanda is confused when he introduces himself as the father of Candace's child, but she discovers he's telling the truth after he reveals a photo of Candace with their child. Amanda tells him that she hasn't seen her roommate for days, but she invites him up to the apartment so they can try to call her again. Once upstairs, Amanda asks where Candace's baby is. Quincy lies and says he's probably with Candace's mother, leading to more confusion for Amanda. Candace had told her that her mother was murdered by her father.

"Oh, I get it," Amanda says. "You couldn't find her because she was in witness protection."

"Witness protection?" Quincy says.

"Yeah, she witnessed the murder," Amanda says. "You didn't know that?"

Sensing an opportunity, Quincy plays along: "Oh yeah, it all makes sense."

Still unable to reach Candace on Amanda's phone, Quincy asks whether he can hang around for a while. Amanda is hesitant but invites him to stay for dinner. He accepts, and when she offers him some wine, he helps her retrieve a wine glass from a high shelf. As Quincy reaches over Amanda to pluck the glass, the two share an awkward, intimate moment.

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Aaron O'Connell in cemetery

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn discovers that Wyatt has taken her car and left without a word. Alarmed, she calls Jim, who instructs her to go out and look for him.

Still filled with guilt about hitting and killing little Lizzie with his car, Wyatt has gone to visit her grave and places a teddy bear among the flowers and balloons left by mourners. However, Wyatt isn't alone. He's startled to find a young woman standing next to him, crying for the dead child. Even more disquieting, Wyatt learns that the woman is Lizzie's mother. As the woman's father, Michael, comes over to console his daughter, she recognizes Wyatt as the hit-and-run driver. Wyatt runs back to his car and drives away as Michael chases after him, sobbing and yelling at him to stop.

Dasha Chadwick and Tyler Lepley

Back at the hospital, Benny is insisting that Hanna go home and get some rest, when Darlene comes in. Hanna leaves the two alone, and Benny gets right to the point.

"You sang to me," he says, smiling.

Darlene is embarrassed but admits that she did. After she introduces herself, Benny recognizes his old classmate and asks her to stay and talk. Darlene says she has to get some work done but that she'll be back to check on him later.

Meanwhile, Hanna arrives home to find an emotional Michael on her porch. He tells her that he and his daughter saw Wyatt Cryer at Lizzie's grave. Hanna says that she knows the Cryers are lying about the accident, and invites him in. She tells him she'll call a friend of hers to help: Detective Byron Marshall.

Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

At the Sarandon Hotel, Maggie spots David from the bar and calls him over to have a drink with her. Clearly tipsy, Maggie asks him how his hotel bed is. She informs him that hers was too hard so she moved to Room 1128, the room right next to David's.

"Have you ever had an affair?" Maggie asks point-blank. David says he hasn't.

"You ever thought about it?" she says.

David says he hasn't, but Maggie won't give up. Instead, she shares a piece of advice: If he ever decided to cheat on his wife, he shouldn't do it with a call girl like Candace; he should do it with someone who has as much to lose as he does.

"Somebody like Michelle Obama," David jokes, parrying the advance.

"Or Maggie Day," Maggie says.

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John Schneider and Tika Sumpter

Jim gets a call from Byron on his way to pay a visit to Candace and the Malones. Byron tells him that Wyatt was spotted at Lizzie's grave by none other that the little girl's mother and grandfather. Jim instructs Byron to deal with Hanna and Michael, and goes in to have a chat with his former mistress.

Inside, Candace is terrified and begs Jim to let her go. First, Jim has some papers for her to sign: a document dropping the lawsuit for Amanda's inheritance, an affidavit stating that she stalked Jim, a restraining order and the title to her car, consigning it back to Jim. He then makes one final demand: Candace must promise to leave the Cryers alone forever. Candace agrees, but Jim looks unsure when Rose asks what he wants done with his former mistress. He flips an imaginary coin and reads its invisible face.

"Kill her."

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