Bryan Marshall, John Schneider and Peter Parros

Outside his campaign headquarters, Jim starts his press conference by dropping a bombshell: "I have been part of a cover-up." He goes on to say that his son, Wyatt, has been suffering from drug addiction for a long time and that he did hit a person with his car—not Lizzie or Benny, but the mysterious man to Jim's right, Donald. Jim uncovers a black sedan behind the gathered press and declares that it's the car that was used in the accident. It's Wyatt's car, not the black sedan that Veronica has hidden away.

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As Donald tells the media that he won't be pressing charges, Maggie watches Jim, marveling at his political savvy. Jim lambastes District Attorney Jennifer Sallison, saying that the charges against Wyatt were brought about because of her personal vendetta against Jim.

Meanwhile, Hanna gets an anonymous call at her house telling her to turn on the television. While she watches the news report, a strange young man quietly sneaks into the kitchen and startles Hanna when she turns off the coverage. It's Quincy, Candace's ex, and he wants to know where Candace is.

Hanna panics and calls the police, keeping them on the line while she desperately tries to get Quincy to leave. But he won't be deterred. Quincy says that Candace turned him in to the police for murder three years prior and that he's been in prison ever since. Hanna is confused, telling him that Candace always maintained that their child was living with him.

"How the hell am I supposed to have him in jail?" Quincy says.

With that, he walks up to Hanna and grabs her roughly by the robe. After staring her down for a few tense moments, he releases her and walks out without another word.

Peter Parros and Allison McAtee

At Jim's campaign office, Maggie and Landon walk in to congratulate Jim—his press conference helped bump his approval ratings by making him seem more human and approachable. Jim then receives a call from the DA's office looking to make a deal on Wyatt's case.

Jim leaves to retrieve his son, and Landon goes to crunch more poll numbers, leaving Maggie and David alone. She tells David that she saw him checking into a local hotel, the same one the campaign staff is using, and asks whether he wants to confess anything. David doesn't take the bait.

"I'm always an ear to bend if you need it," Maggie says.

Uncomfortable with Maggie's familiarity, David excuses himself.

Leith M. Burke and Crystal Fox

Detective Byron Marshall pulls up to Hanna's house as officers are taking a statement about Quincy's breaking and entering. Byron tells her he heard about the incident over the police radio. Hanna relates what happened with Quincy and how Benny is alive and well at another hospital.

Seemingly overjoyed, Byron gives Hanna a lingering hug that leaves the two in an awkward embrace. Stepping back from Byron, Hanna glosses over the moment by saying she needs to go visit Benny. Byron offers to give her a lift to the hospital, which Hanna happily accepts.

Meanwhile, at the county jail, Jim quickly escorts Wyatt out and takes him home.

Gavin Houston and Jaclyn Betham

At Amanda and Candace's apartment, Jeffery lets himself in to find Amanda playing with a handgun. Instantly alarmed by her odd behavior, he implores her to put down the gun. Instead, Amanda taunts him, pointing it first at herself and then at Jeffery. She demands to know why he's there. Panic-stricken, Jeffery blurts out that he wants to tell her about Wyatt, but only if she'll lower the gun. Amanda agrees and puts the gun away in her room.

When she returns, Jeffery asks whether she knows where Candace is. Amanda replies in the negative and informs him that Candace hasn't returning her calls. Amanda then presses Jeffery for the news he promised about Wyatt, and Jeffery tells her that her brother has been arrested for a hit-and-run.

Amanda bursts out laughing. "That is so like him," she says.

Disturbed by Amanda's reaction, Jeffery tells her she should come with him to seek help. Instead, Amanda threatens to get her gun again, and Jeffery promptly leaves.

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On the way to the hospital, Hanna asks Byron whether he'll help her find her grandchild, revealing the new information she's learned from Quincy. The detective agrees, much to Hanna's appreciation. He goes on to ask her whether she watched the news. Hanna says that she did and that she believes everything Jim said at the press conference was a lie. She tells Byron that she intends to say as much to the district attorney.

Renee Lawless and Gavin Houston

At the Cryer mansion, Jeffery has arrived to warn Katheryn about Amanda's new purchase. Clearly worried, she says she'll talk to Jim about Jeffery's recommendation to have Amanda committed. Jeffery asks whether he can wait to see Wyatt when he comes home, but Katheryn says Wyatt needs some peace and quiet.

Just as Jeffery leaves, Jim pulls up with Wyatt. While their son goes upstairs to shower, Katheryn questions Jim about his cover-up plan. Jim tells her that there's another piece that needs to fall into place. Katheryn says that that's not good enough and that now the family has another problem: Amanda has bought a gun.

"How the hell did Amanda buy a gun?" Jim says.

"How does any insane person in this country buy a gun, Jim? They just walk in the store and buy one," Katheryn says. She insists to Jim that Amanda should get professional help, but Jim says he won't put her through that again. Instead, he'll go and talk to Amanda the following day—and to the only other person who can offer insight into his daughter's mental state: Candace.

Sandy Martin and Tika Sumpter

Still bound and at the mercy of the Malones, Candace is questioned by Mama Rose. Rose asks her whether she's going to cooperate with Jim's demands, and tells her that the would-be governor is far more ruthless than she realizes. Unbowed, Candace says she's not afraid of Jim and won't let him walk all over her. Rose replies that that's a mistake—that he'll probably give the order to have her killed. To drive her point home, she tells Candace that he asked them to get some supplies together: plastic sheeting, lime and cement.

"Pretty soon, you're in a cement block in the foundation of a new building. A national building where millions of people are walking all over you all day."

Patrick Faucette, Dasha Chadwick, Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

At the hospital, Hanna learns from nurse Darlene that Benny has made some small progress by blinking his eyes. However, her joy is soon dashed when Tony enters and informs her that he followed her to find Benny. What's more, his lawyer is on his way to the judge to execute the order to take Benny off life support. Darlene goes to call security as things get heated between Hanna and Tony.

Suddenly, Benny stirs, muttering something unintelligible. Shocked, Tony takes a step back, staring at his son while Hanna screams for the nurse.

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