Cast of "The Haves and the Have Nots"

At the police station, Jennifer Sallison, the district attorney, comes out to greet a very furious Jim Cryer. Jim demands to see Wyatt and informs her that he told the officers at the station that his son was represented by counsel, a fact that should have prevented detectives from interrogating him. Jennifer explains that Wyatt never asked for a lawyer. On top of that, she says, he has confessed to the hit-and-run crime and has been arrested. Again, Jim demands to see his son.

In the interrogation room, Wyatt tries to explain to Jim and Katheryn what happened, but Jim tells him to keep his mouth shut. Jennifer instructs the police officers to take Wyatt away.

"You're enjoying the hell out of this, aren't you, Jennifer?" Jim says.

"No," Jennifer says. "A little girl is dead, and a man is clinging to life in the hospital. I do not enjoy this."

Before she goes to address the press, Jennifer leaves Jim with one more thing to think about: She says she knows he has the car used in the crime, and she tells him that she's coming after him for tampering with evidence.

Outside the station, Jennifer informs the waiting press that a man has confessed to the hit-and-run crime and has been arrested, and, she says, that man is Wyatt Cryer.

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At the hospital, Hanna watches the news report on Wyatt's arrest. A young nurse comes in and tells her she's glad they caught the man responsible. Hanna thanks her for her concern and asks why the nurse has been so intent on checking on Benny. The nurse only says she's been following the story in the press and wants to help.

Outside the Harrington mansion, Jeffery arrives to speak to his mother. Assuming that Veronica turned Wyatt in, he asks her why she did it. Veronica steamrolls over Jeffery's concern for Wyatt and instead tells him that next week he must go on a date with one of the women she's selected. Jeffery says he'll play her game if she gets Wyatt out of jail.

"You are so concerned about him," Veronica says, disappointed.

"He's my friend," Jeffery says.

"He's your secret!" she says.

Certain he won't get any help from his mother, Jeffery leaves.

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In an abandoned building, Mama Rose and her thugs enter Candace's cell with a rolling metal table. Rose tells Candace that since she won't play ball, they're going to perform an abortion on her. Terrified, Candace confesses that she's not pregnant. Rose is dubious, but agrees to administer a blood test to discover the truth.

At the hospital, Hanna is receiving much more positive news. Dr. Bailor says he's seen enough improvement in Benny's brain swelling that he'd like to try taking him off the ventilator. Hanna agrees, and Dr. Bailor detaches the tube from Benny's mouthpiece. Slowly, Benny's chest begins to rise and fall on its own.

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Elsewhere, Amanda walks into a pawnshop and asks the clerk behind the counter for a gun. When he shows her a Glock handgun, Amanda poses a disturbing question: "Can it go through a professor?"

Unsettled, the clerk asks whether she really wants to kill someone.

"The professor and Mary Ann," Amanda says, smiling.

The clerk decides Amanda is joking and brushes off the odd remark. Amanda says she doesn't have much money, but the clerk notices her diamond earrings. If they're real, he says, they would cover the cost. Amanda agrees to the trade, and the clerk goes to make a background check.

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At the Cryer mansion, Jim is working on Wyatt's case. When Celine comes in to offer coffee, Jim asks why the phones are off. She tells him Katheryn asked to disconnect them. Celine leaves, and Jim places a call to Mama Rose. She has news for him: Candace isn't pregnant. What's more, Rose says she thinks they've actually scared her. Pleased, Jim instructs her to keep the pressure on Candace until he makes some arrangements. He also asks Rose to help him locate an ex-convict by the name of Bollo.

"If he's alive, we'll find him," Rose says.

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Back at the hospital, the nurse has returned to check on Benny. When Hanna presses her again about her interest, the nurse, Darlene, admits that she went to high school with Hanna's son. She tells Hanna that Benny was always kind to her when others weren't, and that that's the reason she wants to help him now. Touched, Hanna says Darlene can watch Benny while she goes home to shower.

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Jim arrives at the Harringtons' home to speak to David but is greeted by Veronica instead. Using this opportunity while they're alone, Jim insinuates that she knows the whereabouts of the car used in the hit-and-run accident and that that makes her an accessory to the crime. Veronica counters that that's not exactly true: As the attorney of the car's owner, her son, she's protected by attorney-client privilege. Jim gives up his questioning when David comes outside. Once Veronica is out of earshot, Jim asks David to have the detectives in his pocket look for Bollo, the same ex-convict he brought up to Mama Rose. David consents and then asks about their plan to free Wyatt. Jim says he'll hold a press conference that afternoon.

Before he leaves, Jim brings up another unpleasant hurdle: Veronica has the car used in the crime. David is shocked but says he'll handle it.

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Tony is waiting for Hanna when she arrives home from the hospital, and demands to know where Benny is. He breaks down and tells her that he can't live on dialysis forever, but Hanna is unsympathetic.

"You're just doing what you do best," she says, "thinking about what's best for you, and to hell with him."

With that, Hanna orders him to leave and goes inside. Back in his car, Tony calls his attorney and tells him his plan: He'll follow Hanna when she leaves to visit Benny.

Back at the Harringtons' mansion, David asks Veronica whether she's blackmailing their son with the black sedan. Veronica admits that she is.

"Are you insane?" he says.

"No, darling," she says. "I am in control."

Disgusted, David says he's moving out.

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At the county jail, Jeffery tells the guard that he's there to check on a former member of his rehab clinic. Once inside, however, he goes to check on Wyatt instead. Wyatt tells him that he confessed and hasn't heard from his father, but Jeffery tells him to hang in there, that Jim will think of something.

Maggie arrives at Jim's campaign headquarters fuming. She wants to know why the press are setting up outside. When Jim tells her he plans to make a statement, Maggie threatens to walk.

"Jim, do you want to be governor or not?" she says. "Because if you do, this is the dumbest thing you've ever done."

Maggie's warnings fall on deaf ears, and Jim, along with a mysterious man named Donald, go out to address the media.

Outside, Jim tells the press he'll be taking questions in a moment, and then drops a bombshell: "I want to start by saying that I have been part of a cover-up."