John Schneider, Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

Hanna is released from jail, and Katheryn is there waiting for her. Hanna explains that she had to tell the truth about Benny's hit-and-run accident, so she informed the police of what she saw on the night of the crime. Katheryn isn't angry but is clearly upset, and she tells Hanna that she expected more from her.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you," Hanna says, "but I won't be a part of that. I can't."

Katheryn says she understands and that Benny is at Mercy Hospital. As Hanna tries to convince her that covering for Wyatt is wrong, Jim enters and starts harassing Hanna. Fed up with Jim's behavior, Hanna says she has to go check on her son. Shocked, Jim asks Katheryn to explain. She tells him that Benny is alive and that she had him moved to Mercy Hospital.

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Gavin Houston, Allison McAtee and Kristian Kordula

On the way home from the campaign office, David and Veronica discuss Candace's unsettling appearance. Veronica tells a surprised David that she's working on her own plan to get Candace out of their lives, but she keeps the details quiet. David changes the conversation to Jeffery and tells Veronica that forcing him to date a woman is appalling. Veronica seems sure that Jeffery will come around to her way of thinking, leading David to believe she has something on him.

"You used to be so loving. Sweet. Always a little controlling, but never this," David says. "Who is this woman?"

Incensed, Veronica tells David he'll be enjoying a night on the couch.

Back at the campaign office, Landon is dressing down Jeffery for letting his mother cow him into feigning interest in women. Before they can finish their argument, however, Maggie enters. She tells them Wyatt has been arrested.

Interviewer, the district attorney and Wyatt Cryer

When Veronica and David arrive home, David tells her he plans to call Jeffery and tell him to date whomever he wants. Inexplicably, Veronica assumes David's outburst is the work of Maggie Day. Veronica says Maggie wants to sleep with David. While David tries to make sense of this, he gets a call from Maggie with news of Wyatt's arrest.

Back at the county jail, Jim is demanding to see his son to no avail. When he asks the officer on duty which district attorney will be prosecuting Wyatt, he gets bad news: Her name is Jennifer, a lawyer who hates Jim and David. When he tells Katheryn, who is also waiting at the jail, she guesses the reason.

"How long were you sleeping with her?" she says.

"Only about a year," Jim deadpans.

In the interrogation room, Wyatt isn't giving up any details about the accident. When the interviewing officer exits to speak to Jennifer, she tells him to keep at it—she wants to stick it to Jim Cryer.

"Sounds personal," the officer says.

"You have no idea," Jennifer says.

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Sandy Martin, Tika Sumpter and thug

In a dark hallway, Candace is tied to a chair with a bag over her head. She screams for release while some figures approach and remove the bag. A woman takes a seat opposite Candace and introduces herself as Mama Rose. She tells Candace that Jim helped her family in a big way in the past and that they're in his debt. Mama Rose says Candace can leave one of two ways: She can take a bus ticket to anywhere in the country, abort her baby and forget she ever knew the Cryers, or she can continue to stir up trouble and watch Mama Rose kill her mother and brother before killing her. Candace is unfazed.

"That doesn't scare me," she says calmly. "You see, my brother's already dead. I can't stand my mother, so be my guest. And I ain't afraid to die."

Mama Rose brushes off Candace's bravado and says she'll come back later for another answer, leaving Candace alone in the dark.

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John Schneider, Kristian Kordula, Renee Lawless, Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

At Mercy Hospital, Hanna is greeted by a courteous nurse and taken to see Benny and his attending physician, Dr. Bailor. He tells Hanna that there hasn't been much change, but he has noticed some brain activity. With drug treatment to reduce swelling in Benny's brain, he says, there's a very small chance he could recover. Dr. Bailor advises Hanna that there are risks involved, but she doesn't care.

"They already had me ready to plan a funeral for my child," Hanna says. "There are no risks."

At the county jail, David, Maggie and Landon arrive to meet Jim and Katheryn. Maggie starts to make a game plan for how to handle the press, but Jim insists that she back off and let him deal with the situation. He goes over to the attending officer once again with a new threat.

"I want to go in there and see my son right away, or you are going to become intimately aware of the phrase 'Would you like fries with that?'"

Aaron O'Connell

Outside the interrogation room, Michael watches Wyatt through a one-way mirror. The interviewer asks him whether his daughter will be coming to make an identification, but Michael isn't sure. He admits she has a drug problem and leaves to call her.

Jennifer enters and tells the interviewer that Jim is in an uproar and that they need a confession now. The interviewer has an idea: He tells the district attorney to send in an officer after a few minutes to whisper something in his ear, and goes to talk to Wyatt again. Wyatt is still silent until the planned officer comes in. The interviewer tells Wyatt that the mother of the child killed in the hit-and-run accident has identified him as the driver. He suggests Wyatt tell his story to give the mother some closure on her child's death. Clearly moved, Wyatt explains that he was jumped while getting high in a drug den but that he managed to escape to the car and drove away. The interviewer urges him to continue, but Wyatt breaks down in tears.