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At the county jail, Hanna is still locked up when Detective Marshall comes to check on her. Marshall tells her that a judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest, though he doesn't know who or why. Hanna says no one has told her why she was arrested either, but she did tell the police something: that Wyatt Cryer is the man wanted for the notorious hit-and-run. Marshall looks upset and leaves.

Angela Robinson, Peter Parros, Gavin Houston and Allison McAtee

At Jim's campaign headquarters, Maggie preps him and David to meet his staff and some potential campaign financiers. Katheryn and Veronica arrive shortly thereafter, and Katheryn pulls Jim into his office for a private word. She tells him they have another problem: Amanda told Jeffery she wanted to kill her family, and Katheryn suspects Candace is behind it. Jim says he'll handle the situation.

"I certainly hope the hell you do, Jim," Katheryn says, "because our little problems seem to be piling up every day."

In the lobby, Jeffery comes in wearing a suit and without a date.

"Let's just say Mr. Romney's dating tips didn't quite work out," he tells an angry Veronica and confused Maggie. Veronica starts to scold him, but Maggie's right-hand man walks up to them. It's Landon, the man Jeffery met for a date. Jeffery pretends not to know him, but Veronica sees the awkward tension between Landon and her son. Covering, Landon takes Jeffery to meet some of the campaign staff.

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Back at the county jail, Tony and his lawyer come to see Hanna and demand to know where Benny is. Hanna is confused, and Tony's lawyer tells her that they had Judge Fieldman issue her arrest warrant for moving Benny without power of attorney. Hanna says she has no idea what they're talking about or where Benny is. Unconvinced, they leave her in jail.

At the campaign office, Landon is piecing together what Jeffery had told him about his mother.

"So that's your mom," he says, "and I'm going to be working for her. The very kind of person I despise."

Jeffery looks uncomfortable, but Landon tells him he's worked for people he's hated before. Landon tries to convince him that Veronica's behavior isn't right, but Jeffery is too afraid to be himself in front of her. Giving up, Landon introduces him to a young, pretty staffer.

"This should make Mommy happy," Landon says.

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During the meet and greet, Candace makes an unexpected and unwelcome visit. Furious, Katheryn approaches her and asks whether they can speak privately. Candace agrees, and along with Maggie, Jim, Veronica and David, they all go into Jim's office.

Inside, Katheryn accuses Candace of pushing Amanda toward another psychotic break.

"That was your job," Candace says. "You had her for 22 years. I just got my hands on her."

Candace then turns to Jim. She says that her brother, Benny, is dead and that it's Jim's fault for not helping her move him to a private hospital. Katheryn looks shocked and asks whether Hanna knows about Benny's death.

"Of course," Candace spits venomously. "It's her son."

Candace tells them she wants a million-dollar condo in Atlanta and then another million to leave them all alone forever. And to make sure no one files charges of extortion against her, she tells them all she's pregnant—with Jim's child. Katheryn storms out of the office, followed by Veronica, Maggie and David. Alone, Jim tells Candace that he'll give her whatever she wants; she just has to meet him in Vincent Park that night. Satisfied, Candace leaves.

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On her way out, she spots Jeffery talking with the female staffer.

"Really, Jeffery?" she asks sarcastically. "A girl?"

David comes back into Jim's office. Jim tells him he has a contract with the Malones. They're going to take care of his problem that night in Vincent Park. As David leaves, Detective Marshall comes in. He tells Jim that Hanna informed on Wyatt to the police and that they're on their way to the Cryer mansion to arrest him. Terrified, Jim rushes out the door to stop them.

Hanna and police officer

At the county jail, Hanna makes a call on the pay phone to Katheryn and asks whether she moved Benny. Having left the campaign headquarters, Katheryn is in her town car on her mobile phone. She tells Hanna that she couldn't just leave Benny in the county hospital with poor care and that she'll come pick Hanna up to visit him. Hanna says she can't—she's in jail. Shocked, Katheryn asks why. Hanna says it's a long story, but Judge Fieldman put her there.

"I know that ass," Katheryn says, "and I'm calling him right now."

She tells Hanna she'll come and get her.

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Professor Cannon is jogging in the park when Amanda suddenly surprises him. She tells him her nightmares about him are getting worse. Cannon is fed up and suggests that maybe she should go talk about it with a therapist.

"So you think I'm crazy!" Amanda says.

Cannon says no but admits he doesn't know how to make it right between them.

"I want blood," Amanda says with a smile.

Realizing that Amanda is truly unhinged this time, Cannon tells her to stay away from him. As he goes to leave, Amanda grabs his shoulder and stabs him in the back with a knife. Horrified, Cannon runs off grasping at the handle while Amanda laughs to herself.

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Jim comes running through the door at the Cryer mansion, calling for Wyatt. He explains that the police are on their way to arrest him. Wyatt asks whether Veronica turned him in. Confused, Jim says no, and Wyatt explains that she has the car that Wyatt drove when he struck Lizzie and Benny. Jim brushes that information aside and tells him that the police will be there soon to arrest him and that he should say nothing until Jim bails him out. Moments later, the police knock on the door and arrest Wyatt for a hit-and-run accident.

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At the county jail, Katheryn comes to visit Hanna. Katheryn tells her that she reminded Judge Fieldman of some of his previous indiscretions, and assures Hanna that she'll be out of the cell soon. As Hanna and Katheryn talk, Katheryn gets a call on her mobile phone. It's Jim, who tells her that Wyatt has been arrested.

"Hanna, what did you do?" Katheryn says.

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Later that night, Candace pulls up to Vincent Park, where Jim is waiting on a park bench. He asks her one last time to leave him and Amanda alone, abort her child and stop trying to sabotage his campaign. Still confident in her plan, Candace refuses.

"Well, this has been full of intrigue, and it has been one hell of a lot of fun," Jim says, "but you have just officially become my enemy."

"Jimmy," Candace says, "you can't afford me as an enemy. You're running for governor."

Jim admits she's right. He kisses her while gesturing to three men approaching the bench from behind. They grab Candace, and all four men hold her down while one holds a chloroform-soaked rag to her face. The three strange men carry Candace to a van while Jim watches.