John Schneider, Allison McAtee and Lamont A. Coleman

At the courthouse, Hanna is following Tony down the hall, screaming and begging to get him to spare Benny's life. Candace tries a different tack, threatening Tony with retribution. Tony is unmoved by both. Outside, Hanna tries to get a cab so she can at least say goodbye to her son before he's taken off life support, but Candace says she'll drive her to the hospital instead. On the way, she makes repeated calls to Jim, who is at the march for Lizzie, the little girl killed by the same driver that put Benny in the hospital. Jim ignores all of Candace's frenzied calls.

At the march, Maggie introduces Jim and David to the Rev. Waters, the man heading up the March for Justice. The Rev. Waters, in turn, introduces Michael, Lizzie's grandfather, who is handing out T-shirts with the composite sketch of the suspected hit-and-run driver on the front—it clearly looks like Wyatt. Michael gives shirts to Jim and David, and he and the reverend take their leave. Once Jim and David are alone, Jim expresses his worry about his son's face appearing on all the march's T-shirts, signs and banners, but David says he will handle it.

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Crystal Fox

At the hospital, Hanna and Candace enter Benny's room to find only an empty bed. Hanna collapses in sobs on the bed, but Candace backs away and leaves. Hanna eventually makes her way home, where Detective Marshall shows up to check on her. In a daze, she tells him that Benny is dead, and the detective takes her inside.

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery is packing up his clothes while Amanda can be heard laughing to herself in the bathroom. Jeffery is worried about her, but he gets distracted by a call from Veronica. She wants to know why he hasn't been to the tailor to get his suit ready for the campaign, and she reminds him of her threat to turn him in for the hit-and-run. Cowed, Jeffery says he'll be at David's campaign meeting. As he hangs up, Candace comes home and hears Amanda laughing. Jeffery tells Candace that Amanda is getting worse and has locked herself in the bathroom for hours, so Candace calls to her to come out.

"Jeffery thinks you're crazy," Candace tells her.

Amanda explodes, and Jeffery says he's concerned she's losing her grip on reality, but Candace steps in, telling Amanda to stand up for herself. She then abruptly starts talking about death, confusing Jeffery and Amanda.

"My brother is dead," Candace says.

Amanda kneels by her friend's side out of concern, and Jeffery tells Candace that she should let her emotions out.

"I've only got one emotion, Jeffery," Candace says. "Just one."

"And what's that?" Jeffery says.


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Leith M. Burke and Crystal Fox

At Hanna's house, Hanna sits on Benny's bed and tells Detective Marshall about him. She talks about how he was always such a good son and did his best to protect her.

Her phone rings; it's Katheryn, but Hanna says she won't answer it.

"I know who did this," she says.

"Who, Hanna?" the detective says.

"Her son. Wyatt Cryer. Judge Cryer's son."

Renee Lawless and Gavin Houston

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn is leaving Hanna a voice mail begging her to call back. Jeffery arrives and asks to speak to Wyatt; however, he says he wants to talk with Katheryn first. He tells her that he thinks Amanda is having a dissociative break like she had in the past.

"Before, Jeffery, it was after a trauma," Katheryn says.

Jeffery says he knows about Amanda's lawsuit, and suggests that it could be the cause. However, when he recommends that she get her daughter some help, Katheryn dismisses the idea, pointing out that she has to want the help. Undeterred, Jeffery asserts that Katheryn may want to force it on her daughter. He tells Katheryn about Amanda's "joke" she made about killing her parents and brother.

"I just think the whole thing needs to be taken seriously," Jeffery says.

Unsettled, Katheryn agrees, and Jeffery goes upstairs to find Wyatt.

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Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

Jeffery finds Wyatt in his room and tells him that Benny died. He then reveals Veronica's blackmail plot and says he refuses to live under her thumb. Wyatt is worried, pointing out that if Jeffery allows his mother to turn him in, Wyatt will go down too. Jeffery's tone suddenly turns icy, and he implies that if Wyatt kisses him, he'll keep his secret. As Wyatt reluctantly leans in, Jeffery stops him.

"See how awful this is?" he says in a low voice. "To fool someone? To make them feel worthless? To use them?"

Wyatt apologizes for trying to trick Jeffery in the past, but Jeffery lets him off the hook. He says that although Wyatt hurt him, he still loves his friend and will do whatever it takes to protect Wyatt and himself.

Antoinette Robertson, Jerome Ro Brooks, Lamont A. Coleman, John Schneider, Allison McAtee, and Peter Parros

At the Forsythe Glenn Prison, Veronica pays a visit to Quincy, Candace's ex. Quincy is cautious, saying he won't reveal any information about Candace. He still loves her, and he believes that she loves him back. Veronica says that she represents very powerful people who aren't happy with Candace's behavior, and that she has the power to get Quincy out if he promises to deal with Candace. She goes on to tell him that Candace is the one who informed on him and landed him in jail, and she hands Quincy the police file. Quincy gives no answer, but Veronica seems satisfied.

"You are about to receive a parole hearing," she tells him, grinning.

Back in Savannah, the march has concluded, but the Rev. Waters asks Jim whether he'll talk to CNN about the hit-and-run. Jim declines, saying the march is for the victims, not politicians, much to the chagrin of Maggie. As they leave, Jim gets a call: Hanna has named Wyatt as the hit-and-run driver. Jim had been anticipating this, having crafted a plan to cover up his son's crime, but it could only work if one thing happened first—and now Hanna has complied.

Police officer and Crystal Fox

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Amanda has made her roommate lunch to help her feel better.

"How can you be so strong?" Amanda says.

"It's my life," Candace says. "People die; men die; babies die; people just die."

"Babies?" Amanda says.

Jeffery interrupts them. Dressed in a suit, suitcase in hand, Jeffery says he's heading to his father's campaign office and is then moving back into his old apartment. Candace is immediately suspicious, asking what Veronica has on him to make him jump back into his old life. Jeffery offers no explanation, and Candace disappointedly tells him to go.

At Hanna's house, Hanna asks Detective Marshall what will happen to Wyatt. Marshall says he'll probably go to jail. Just then, someone knocks on Hanna's door. It's the police—and they have a warrant to arrest Hanna. Without any explanation, officers begin taking her away, and Marshall tells Hanna he'll be right behind her.