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Veronica is threatening to frame Jeffery for Wyatt's hit-and-run accident with Jeffery's damaged car unless he plays ball. In disbelief that his mother could be so cold, Jeffery reluctantly agrees to play by his mother's rules for his father's campaign.

At the hospital, Hanna is reading a passage from Psalms to Benny. Detective Marshall comes in to check on Hanna and insists that they visit the cafeteria so she can eat something. Hanna says she's not hungry, but she finally relents.

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Maggie takes Jim and David to see their new campaign headquarters. Jim looks around at all the women working there, and Maggie tells him that they're all volunteers and that her staff will be coming into town that day. She offers to show Jim around his personal office and tells David to shut the door. As soon as the door is closed, Maggie is on them.

"Every single one of those young ladies is off limits to you two," she says. Jim begins to protest, but Maggie cuts him off.

"Your reputation far precedes you."

Jim and David say they understand. Satisfied, Maggie asks who Candace Young is and whether Jim slept with her. When Jim won't give a straight answer, Maggie tells him that her staff will find out one way or another. Jim says that he will handle it. She seems unconvinced but leaves it at that.

Before leaving, Maggie tells David and Jim that they'll need to attend a march in support of justice for Lizzie, the little girl killed in the high-profile hit-and-run that has been covered extensively on the local news. She also shows them an advance copy of the police's composite sketch of the suspect; the police department will release it the following day. The sketch looks just like Wyatt.

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When Candace and Jeffery arrive home from lunch, Landon, the man Jeffery recently met at a club, is waiting on their front steps. Candace has set up a surprise date for Jeffery, who is clearly unhappy about it. Seeing this, Landon says they don't have to hang out, but Jeffery says it's okay, and the two head around the corner to a coffee shop.

Meanwhile, in Jim's new campaign office, David and Jim talk obliquely about their plan to cover up Wyatt's crime. The details are unclear, but one thing is certain: Hanna has to make the first move by outing Wyatt for it to work. Jim says she will; he has inside information that she's not handling Benny's hospitalization well.

Moving on, David asks about dealing with Candace. Jim admits that the situation is more complicated now—Candace is pregnant, is helping Amanda sue for her inheritance and is angry with Jim for refusing to help Benny. David is shaken by this. He suggests that Jim call the Malones to help solve the issue. Jim is taken aback, telling David that their methods are too ruthless.

"They are no less than what we need," David says.

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At the hospital cafeteria, Hanna is talking with Detective Marshall. She tells him that if the worst should happen to Benny, she hopes she has the faith of the biblical King David. She says that after David's son died, he praised God because he loved God enough to trust his judgment. Marshall tells Hanna that if anyone had enough faith to deserve a miracle like Benny waking up, it would be her. Not touching her food, Hanna says she needs to get back to Benny's side. Marshall doesn't like the idea of Hanna not eating, but he says he'll come give her a ride home when visiting hours are over.

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Jeffery and Landon have found a nearby cafe, though their conversation is scant. When Landon asks why Jeffery is so quiet, Jeffery says he's had a bad day. Landon guesses correctly that Jeffery's mother is the reason. Landon tells him that he works with a charity group that helps kids living on the street. He says many of the children are homeless because their parents turned them out for being gay.

"You should meet some of them," Landon says. "Their stories are incredible, and they're the best kids. But, they were hated by their parents."

"How can a parent hate their child?" Jeffery says.

"You'd be surprised," Landon says.

Landon confesses that people like that—those who won't accept their children as they are—make him angry, and he tells Jeffery that he doesn't deserve to be treated that way by his own mother.

Upset, Jeffery gets up and leaves.

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At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn is giving Celine a hard time about her duties when Veronica arrives for a meeting with Maggie. As the two women walk out to the patio, Katheryn tells Veronica that she doesn't trust Celine with the family's secrets and is looking forward to having Hanna back. When Veronica asks why she keeps Celine around, Katheryn says it's useful to keep your enemies close.

When Maggie arrives, she asks them the same question that she asked their husbands: Who is Candace Young? When Veronica and Katheryn refuse to give her information, she informs them that she did some digging on her own. She tells them that Candace had a baby when she was 17 with a man named Quincy Maxwell.

"I know that name," Veronica says.

Maggie corrects her, saying that Veronica knows his brother, whom she defended on a drug possession charge when she was still practicing. Maggie tells the women that Quincy is in prison for convictions of murder, grand larceny, burglary and more. She goes on to say that police arrested him on an anonymous tip, which she believes came from Candace. Maggie also says that, as a prostitute, Candace received 17 calls from a phone purchased by Celine—it's clear Maggie knows about Jim's transgressions.

"Honey, why are you giving us this information?" Veronica says.

Maggie says that if Quincy were to get out of prison, he might have a bone to pick with Candace, and then she would cease to be a problem. However, Quincy would need a fantastic attorney.

"Do either of you ladies know of an amazing lawyer that could pay a very private visit to this young man that I could arrange?" Maggie says.

"I think I do," Veronica says.

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At the hospital, Katheryn walks in on Hanna sleeping next to Benny's bed. She wakes her gently and asks how Benny is doing.

"I wish people would stop asking me that," Hanna says.

"I'm sorry," Katheryn says. "I'm just really worried about your son."

Hanna scoffs. "How is your son?" she asks pointedly.

Katheryn says he's okay. She tells Hanna that she wants to help, but Hanna doesn't trust her. Hanna demands that Katheryn tell her whether it was Wyatt who hit Benny the night of the hit-and-run. Katheryn struggles with her emotions but refuses to answer directly, saying only that she wants to help Benny. Seeing that she won't get the truth, Hanna tells Katheryn to leave—and she quits her job.

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At the courthouse, the judge is ruling on Hanna and Tony's case. The judge says that he has spoken with the doctors, and the consensus is that Benny is unlikely to ever recover; therefore, the judge awards Tony the right to take Benny off life support and to make decisions regarding organ donation. Hanna breaks down, begging Tony to relent and collapsing at his feet.