Crystal Fox and Patrick Faucette

At the hospital, Hanna is yelling at Tony for taking her to court so he can take Benny off life support. Tony insists that he's thinking of Benny and his quality of life, but Hanna still believes Tony only wants Benny's kidneys. Unmoved, Tony leaves.

Candace looks at the court summons and tells Hanna she has to go, but Hanna has reached her limit.

"Just get out of here," Hanna says, sobbing. "Go on and find your next victim."

Back at Amanda and Candace's apartment, Jeffery hears Amanda having a nightmare in her room. When he goes to wake her, she becomes upset. Jeffery says he was worried about her.

"Worry about me on the other side of my door," Amanda says.

Amanda puts her shoes on to leave and says she's taking a drive. Concerned, Jeffery says he'll go with her, but Amanda refuses and storms out.

Tika Sumpter

Outside the hospital, Hanna is waiting for the bus to take her home when Detective Marshall appears. Already on edge, Hanna tells him that his constant surveillance is adding to her stress. Marshall goes to leave, but Hanna relents, explaining that she's not quite herself. Marshall says he understands and asks whether she'd like to take a walk.

Meanwhile, Candace comes home in a rage and tells Jeffery that they're going out.

"I want to dance; I want to get drunk; I want to forget about all of this; I want to hit somebody," she says, knocking a vase to the floor.

She goes to wake Amanda, but Jeffery tells her that Amanda had a bad dream and left.

"Then it's you and me," Candace says.

Jeffery explodes and wants to know why Candace is so blind to Amanda's problems. Candace returns that she can't handle anyone else's issues at the moment, and insists they go out. Jeffery says he's only wearing an undershirt and needs to get dressed.

"You're right," Candace says thoughtfully, and she makes a tear down the center of his tank top, exposing more skin.

"There you go; that's better," she says to an exasperated Jeffery.

Cedric Pendleton and Crystal Fox

While walking with Hanna, Detective Marshall shows her a photo of his wife, who was killed by a drunk driver. Hanna says that she's sorry and that she understands why he's been trying to get so involved with Benny's case.

"This is personal to me," Marshall says.

Marshall asks for Hanna's help in finding the criminal, but Hanna says she doesn't want to talk about it. Giving Hanna a hug, Marshall says everything will be all right.

Elsewhere, Candace is buying Jeffery shots at a gay bar, trying to pull him out of his shell and get him on the dance floor. While they're talking, a man comes up to Jeffery and introduces himself as Landon. Candace watches Jeffery struggle to make small talk with the stranger, and steps in. She tells Landon that Jeffery has just come out and is having a hard time and that she's going to go dance and let the two of them talk. Landon tells Jeffery he understands, explaining that his parents disowned him when he came out. Landon gives Jeffery his card and says to call him for lunch or dinner sometime.

"But first," Landon says, taking Jeffery's hand, "we dance."

Jaclyn Betham and Robert Pralgo

At professor Cannon's home, Amanda sneaks into his bedroom to find him asleep with his wife and daughter next to him in bed. Cannon panics when Amanda wakes him, and he begs her not to disturb his family. Amanda asks Cannon what he would do if a man hurt his daughter like Cannon hurt Amanda. He confesses that he would want him to pay.

"That's what you have to do," Amanda says. "Pay."

Amanda asks him whether he has a gun. Terrified, Cannon answers that he doesn't.

"Then what's this?" she says. Amanda produces a gun, puts it in Cannon's mouth and tells him to close his eyes. When he opens them, she's gone.

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Gavin Houston and Kristian Kordula

Jeffery, Landon and Candace are outside Candace's apartment after their night at the club. Wanting Jeffery to have some time alone with Landon, Candace goes upstairs. Once inside the apartment, she hears Amanda laughing to herself in her bedroom. However, when Candace opens the door, Amanda insists she wasn't laughing.

"What's going on with you?" Candace says.

Amanda says she hasn't heard from her parents. Candace says she'll go see Jim in the morning and see what she can do. Amanda informs her that Jim is retiring from the bench in the morning and that everyone at the courthouse will be celebrating his bid for the governor's office. Candace says she'll take care of business at the party.

Downstairs, Jeffery says good night to Landon and promises to call him. When he comes up to the apartment, Candace is clearly pleased with Jeffery's successful night out. She tells him that she's accompanying him to lunch with his mother the following day—and that Jeffery will wear what Candace picks out.

Allison McAtee, Renee Lawless and John Schneider

The following day at the courthouse, Jim toasts all his colleagues and the years he spent working with them as a judge. Katheryn, Veronica, David and Maggie are by his side.

"To your new governor and lieutenant governor," Maggie says, raising her glass of champagne.

"And," Candace begins from the back of the room, "to a lying, cheating bastard and his lieutenant ass."

Candace tells Jim in front of the shocked crowd that she needs to speak with him. Jim tells Katheryn that he'll handle the situation, and escorts Candace from the room. Katheryn apologizes and explains that Candace is an employee's daughter and has a mental illness.

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In Jim's office, Candace hands him papers notifying him that Amanda is suing him for her inheritance. Jim says that no lawyer in the state would take the case. Candace informs him that she's taking the bar exam early and will be representing Amanda.

Back at the party, Maggie asks Veronica who Candace is.

"No one," Veronica tells a skeptical Maggie.

"I do have people who take care of problems if I'm made aware of them in time," Maggie says.

"Good," Veronica says, smiling. "So do we."

Crystal Fox and Tika Sumpter

Candace walks into the courtroom where Tony is suing to take Benny off life support. When Candace tries to speak up for Hanna's case, Hanna tells her to leave, and the judge informs her that she's not allowed to represent another person in a court of law if she’s not a lawyer. Not giving up, Candace says she'll be taking the bar exam soon, and recounts several legal precedents that favor the maternal parent in making decisions for an incapacitated child. Tony's lawyer says that Candace can't make an argument on behalf of Hanna, but the judge says Candace does have a point.

"You rushed this woman in here," the judge says, pointing to Hanna, "and she can't even afford an attorney. Someone has done their homework."

The judge says that he'll need to consider the case carefully and that he will rule in the morning.

Angela Robinson and Gavin Houston

Veronica is waiting to meet Jeffery for lunch when she sees him walk in wearing jeans and a lavender tank top. Though she's clearly upset by his manner of dress and his insistence that they talk about his recent lifestyle changes, she says they have more important issues to discuss. She hands him a folder that she calls a "Romney." Veronica explains that it's a "binder full of women" that she's hand-picked as escort candidates for events during David's campaign. When it's clear that Veronica won't back down on the issue, Jeffery taps his glass with his knife, a signal that he's ready to bring out the big guns, namely Candace.

"Look, Veronica," she says, sitting next to Jeffery, "he lives with me now. He's gay. He's happy. So, you need to get your old, out-of-touch ass in gear."

Candace and Jeffery get up to leave, but Veronica says there's something he has to see. Jeffery tells Candace to go wait for him in the car, and she makes a raucous exit, opening her jacket to reveal a T-shirt that reads "PRIDE BITCHES!" Unamused, Veronica hands Jeffery an envelope. Inside is a photo of his car after Wyatt's accident. Veronica found it and will frame Jeffery for the hit-and-run—unless he does what she says.

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