Aaron O'Connell and John Schneider

Hanna is talking to Detective Marshall at the hospital about the possible identity of the driver who injured her son, Benny. Hanna refuses to give any names, afraid that she might get an innocent person into trouble. Detective Marshall reluctantly accepts this and offers to drive Hanna home.

Over at the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is talking with Jim. Wyatt is struggling with guilt over his hit-and-run accident. Misunderstanding, Jim asks Wyatt whether he wants to get high again.

"Dad," Wyatt says quietly, "I don't ever want to get high again."

Wyatt suggests turning himself in, but Jim rejects the idea—his confession would ruin the lives of every member of the Cryer and Harrington families, not just Wyatt's. Wyatt asks about Hanna hearing his rambling about hitting a man with his car, but Jim says he'll take care of it.

"So then what can I do to show that I'm sorry?" Wyatt says.

"You keep yourself clean, you keep your head held up high, and you stay the hell out of trouble," Jim says.

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Detective Marshall drops Hanna off at her house and walks her to the door. Hanna is clearly unsettled by his attentiveness. Marshall explains that Benny's case wasn't assigned to him—he heard about the hit-and-run on the news and wanted to help.

As the detective leaves, Hanna notices something strange about her yard.

"Who cut my grass?" she asks the empty street.

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery is explaining what happened to Benny. Amanda says she feels terrible and wants to call her roommate, but Jeffery says she's probably still at the hospital and can't take any calls.

Still worried about Amanda's behavior, Jeffery asks why she had asked him before about buying a gun.

"I'm going to kill my parents," Amanda says.

Jeffery is alarmed, but Amanda asks him why she shouldn't do it. Amanda strings a baffled and distressed Jeffery along until she starts laughing, saying that she was just kidding.

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"Although," Amanda says, "you may need a gun for your parents."

Jeffery doesn't find the joke funny, but Amanda points out that his mother treated him horribly when he came out. She asks Jeffery whether he's seen his mother since that night. Jeffery says that he has, that they met at the Cryer mansion and are planning to meet for lunch.

Eva Tamargo and Crystal Fox

At the hospital, Candace goes to visit Benny, who is still in a coma. She reminisces about their childhood and tells Benny that he can't die.

"I'm going to fight to get you out of here," she says through tears, "but you have to fight to get better."

Meanwhile, Hanna finally comes back to the Cryer mansion, but Celine is waiting in the kitchen to grill her about her absence. Hanna tells Celine to back off, but Celine keeps pushing, and the situation eventually escalates into a catfight. Jim comes in from the other room and breaks it up. He tells Celine to go home early.

Hanna asks to talk to Katheryn, but Jim wants to get a word in first. Jim asks Hanna whether she remembers Wyatt coming home late last week and whether any of his rambling made sense. Hanna says it did. Jim asks her what she thinks Wyatt said.

"That he had hit someone," Hanna says.

"Really," Jim says in mock surprise, "because I don't remember hearing him say that."

Jim calls Wyatt into the room and asks him whether he had said that he had hit someone that night. Wyatt hesitates but then says that he never admitted to hitting anyone. Jim then tells a distressed Hanna to take some time off.

As Hanna leaves, Katheryn comes downstairs, asking whether she heard Hanna. When Jim admits she was on the premises, Katheryn chases after her, catching her outside. When Hanna tells her she's going back to the hospital, Katheryn offers to drive her, but Hanna adamantly refuses.

Upset, Katheryn goes back in and tells Jim she's going to meet Hanna at the hospital. Jim tells her no.

Katheryn glares up at Jim. "Watch me," she says.

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Crystal Fox and Renee Lawless

Amanda and Jeffery knock on Candace's door to see how she's doing. Candace admits that Benny is not doing well, but she quickly changes the subject by telling Amanda they need to talk. Jeffery says he'll leave them alone, but before he closes the door, Amanda tells Candace that Jeffery is meeting his mother for lunch. Candace seems interested by this but lets the matter drop. After Jeffery leaves, Candace asks Amanda whether she's heard from her parents about her inheritance. Amanda replies in the negative.

"Today we should actually go and file the lawsuit," Candace says. "No more wasting time."

Amanda agrees.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Hanna comes in to find Katheryn waiting for her. Hanna isn't happy to see her, but Katheryn says she had to come. Katheryn asks how Benny is doing.

"They're telling me that he's brain-dead," Hanna says. "They're saying that I should take him off of life support."

Katheryn asks to speak to the doctor, and Hanna tells her Benny has a few, not one primary physician. Katheryn is confused.

"Mrs. Cryer, that's the way it is when you don't have health insurance," Hanna tells her.

Upset over Hanna's situation, Katheryn scolds her for not asking for help.

"He is not getting the best care here," Katheryn says. "He needs to be moved."

"I have to let him stay here," Hanna says, but she won't tell Katheryn why. Clearly distraught, Hanna asks Katheryn to leave.

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Candace is getting dressed when Jeffery comes in and asks how she's doing. She confesses that she's not doing well—Jim Cryer won't help her get better care for Benny.

"What are you going to do?" Jeffery asks.

"Everything to bring him down," Candace responds.

Jeffery points out that his father, Jim's running mate, would go down too. Candace is unapologetic. She begins needling Jeffery about how cruel his mother has been to him, and questions why he wouldn't want to get back at her. Finally, Candace suggests that she should join him for lunch with Veronica to "shake her up."

"No," Jeffery says, "I'm not going to let you destroy my parents."

Candace assures him that she's only after Jim.

"Then why do you want to meet with my mother?" Jeffery says.

"To help you," Candace says.

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At the hospital, Michael—the grandfather of the little girl whom Wyatt hit and killed the same night he hit Benny—comes to visit Hanna and her son. He knows Hanna hasn't been eating much, so he brought her some food.

"You came all the way down here to bring me some food?" Hanna says.

Michael admits that it's too quiet at home without his granddaughter. He also tells Hanna that he's the one who cut her grass. He thought it was getting too tall and was worried people would think the house was abandoned. Hanna says he shouldn't have done that, since mowing the lawn was always Benny's job. Michael says he won't cut her grass again.

John Schneider and Renee Lawless

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn tells Jim that she's having Benny moved. Jim says no, that it's not Katheryn's business. Katheryn says that Hanna said the same thing.

Frustrated, Katheryn says, "Why won't she let me help her?"

"She doesn't trust you; that's why she doesn't want you to move her son," Jim says. "She thinks you're trying to buy her silence with kindness."

Katheryn begins to argue, but Jim demands that she let him handle the situation.

Later, at the hospital, Candace comes to visit Benny and finds Hanna there. A man comes in with Tony and gives Hanna a court summons—Tony is suing to take Benny off life support. Hanna loses her composure and starts screaming at Tony while Candace stands by and watches.