Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

At the Cryer mansion, Jeffery and Wyatt watch a news report on the funeral of the little girl Wyatt hit and killed while driving Jeffery's car high. Jeffery turns it off, saying that it's not helping Wyatt. He then confesses that he knows the other person Wyatt hit—Hanna's son, Benny.

Wyatt is immediately dismayed. Hanna was there when he came home the night of the accident, high and ranting that he had hit someone, so he concludes that she must know he was responsible. Jeffery points out that Wyatt didn't mention any details in front of Hanna, so she might not know. He tells Wyatt to just keep his mouth shut and to let Mr. Cryer handle the situation.

Crystal Fox and Tika Sumpter

At the county hospital, Candace, now aware of Benny's condition, bursts through to doors to find Hanna in the waiting room.

"You should have told me!" she tells Hanna.

Hanna is unrepentant. She informs Candace that she has 24 hours to find Hanna's grandson before the police are called.

"I don't give a damn if you call the National Guard," Candace growls. "You will never, ever see my child."

At an impasse with Hanna, Candace goes to the front desk to press the nurse for more information about Benny.

Angela Robinson

Veronica, David, Katheryn and Jim return to the Cryer mansion following the little girl's funeral. Everyone is silent except Veronica, who senses the others are keeping something from her. Just before she voices her suspicions, Jim calls Celine and tells her to go home for the day. Once she's gone, Veronica, having finally figured out the truth, outlines what she has deduced happened the night Wyatt hit Benny. No one denies her guess, and David says he wanted to keep her out of it, going on to admit that he needs her to access the car's tracking device so they can find it.

In the study, Veronica calls the car company, gets the address and asks to shut the tracking system down. Just before she leaves, she tears up the paper on which she had written the address.

Upon exiting the study, she sees Jeffery coming down the stairs, having just visited Wyatt. Veronica and Katheryn get him to admit he knows about the accident, but he still has no idea where his car is. On his way out, Veronica demands he meet her for lunch later in the week, and he agrees.

Katheryn asks Veronica why she and her son were so terse with each other.

"I am teaching him the joys of manhood," Veronica responds.

Just before she leaves, she tells Katheryn that the car company couldn't find Jeffery's sedan.

Crystal Fox, Tika Sumpter and Robert Merrill

Back at the hospital, Candace is berating the nurse for not finding the doctor yet. The nurse tells Candace that Benny's doctor, Dr. Handle, is in surgery, so Candace leaves the waiting room to find him. She bursts into the operating room, and Dr. Handle yells at her to get out. Ever defiant, Candace says she's giving the surgeon three minutes to come out and tell her something about Benny, and exits the room.

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Back in the waiting room, Candace tells Hanna that she wants Benny in a private hospital. Hanna says that she wants the same thing but that she can't afford it. Dr. Handle comes into the waiting room and calls for Benny's family. The surgeon asks the nurse to take them to Benny's room.

"Can I go back to surgery now?" Dr. Handle asks sarcastically.

"Do I look like your boss?" Candace says.

"Well, you sure act like it," Handle says.

In Benny's room, Hanna finally tells Candace that Benny is on life support and that the doctor is advising that they take him off. Candace tells Hanna that she can't do that, and Hanna agrees.

"I can't do this," says a tearful Candace, and she leaves.

Jaclyn Betham

At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery walks in on Amanda practicing ballet. Irritated at the intrusion, Amanda asks him when he's going to leave. Jeffery says that he's been cut off by Veronica and that he's still working on it.

"To hell with them, right?" Amanda says with a smirk.

Worried about her odd behavior, Jeffery asks whether she has been taking her medication. She says she has, brushing off his concern as being overprotective. She quickly changes the topic to why Jeffery is feuding with his mother, offering a guess: because he's gay. Jeffery confirms her suspicion and is surprised by her casual acceptance; indeed Amanda is much more interested in returning her apartment back to the way it was. Jeffery assures her he'll move out soon.

Amanda gets up to leave, but before she exits, she turns and says, "Jeffery, do you know where I could buy a gun?"

Shocked, Jeffery asks her why. Amanda says nothing, a sly smile spreading across her face.

"Never mind," she says.

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John Schneider and Renee Lawless

Jim is alone in his office, talking on the phone. He tells the person on the other end to follow Hanna Young and find out what she knows. Katheryn walks in as he hangs up, clearly drained from the day. Jim tells her she should rest.

"You need to hold it together, Katheryn," Jim says, "now more than ever."

"Yes, I have to hold everything in, don't I?" Katheryn says through tears. "Because I'm Katheryn Cryer; I don't have a soul, do I, Jim?"

Jim goes to comfort his distraught wife as Katheryn collapses into sobs.

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Peter Parros, Tika Sumpter and John Schneider

At Jim's office, Maggie is explaining to him and David that they'll announce their candidacy for the governorship the following Monday. Jim and David agree.

Candace interrupts the meeting, saying she needs to talk to Jim, and a confused Maggie and irritated David leave them alone. Candace tells Jim that she needs his help. She says she'll give Jim back what blackmail money she has left and her sports car if he can help get Benny into a private hospital. She resorts to begging and adds that she'll leave Amanda alone.

Jim is unmoved. "Can't help you," he says, smirking.

"I know you don't live your life with regrets," Candace says slowly, "but I promise you will regret this like nothing you have ever done before."

Back at the hospital, Hanna is leaving Benny's room. Detective Byron Marshall, the same detective that set Benny up for a drug sting, is in the hallway and asks to talk to her. He says he's investigating Benny's hit-and-run case and wants to know what she knows.

"I think I know who did this," Hanna says.